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Tenkara Tuesday - Floating Tenkara Lines For Warmwater

If you haven't tried a tenkara floating fly line for warmwater applications yet, do yourself a favor and pick one up...especially if you frequent lakes or ponds.
Some background...
Being a trout guy by nature, my tenkara kit in recent years had evolved into level lines and kebari; excellent tools for tricking opportunistic browns, brookies, and rainbows in swift moving, coldwater streams where the emphasis is on presentation and keeping the line off the water. The perfect tools for the job at hand.
With the warmwater opportunities that present themselves in Florida, and fish like bass and bluegill that are not quite as line or leader shy as trout, those same level lines and kebari can still work, but sometimes it's just more effective (& entertaining) to fish topwater. 

Foam grasshoppers, beetles, and poppers, work extremely well in warmwater settings like ponds, but I'm not going to lie and suggest that level line (or furled lines) are the best compliment to that menu…

Fishing Beneath The Glow Of Black Angus

So I had this dream over the weekend about fishing with my tenkara rod just outside of Orlando. For some reason, it happened to be in the middle of the night, so I really couldn't see much other than what the random car headlights and fluorescent illumination of a Chinese food sign allowed.

I don't think the fishing was that great in terms of size or species, but I caught about a dozen in that dream, I so I guess it wasn't a total nightmare.

This is what I remember... as with most dreams, the events were sort of foggy and out of focus...

What I can't figure out is if I was dreaming about being in Orlando, why didn't I dream about fishing on Walt Disney World property instead of outside The Olive Garden? Sure, unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks are tempting, but I hear the Mouse has lunkers in his water. WTF!?!

Turns out this wasn't a dream, rather an delirious act of urban fishing following a day of far too much heat, fun, and Siththis past Satu…

5 People That Instagram Tenkara Right

Over the past two years, I've really had fun tooling around Instagram looking at photos of the topics I enjoy. While my contributions to the social media platform have been less than stellar, digging into fly fishing, Star Wars, roller derby, and Florida lifestyle hashtags have opened my eyes to a ton of different people that I don't typically interact with via the blog, Facebook, or Twitter.
As I've immersed myself in the tenkara content via the Tenkaragram project, I've noticed there are a handful of folks that really cover the subject well. Here are five of my favorites; some may be familiar, others new, but either way I think they're worthy of your "follow."
In no particular order...





Honorable Mentions that are also worth a follow: apnaples, mikeadamstattoo, creeksidekebari, tenkarachick, tenkarausa, & johnjmcmullen.
Have a favorite Tenkara Instagram account?  Feel free to share in the comments…

Suwannee Livin' - A Cure For "A Case Of The Mondays"

I'm not very good at recording or editing video. That's why I don't do much of it here.
If I was, this is the kind of video I'd love to make. It portrays the loose southern coastal lifestyle that I've become really fond of since I moved to Florida. No aggressive soundtrack, no giant saltwater fish thrashing about. Just relaxing.

Pass the sweet tea...

Fishing The Driftless...It Wasn't Quite What I Expected...

I'm not exactly sure what I expected before I headed to Wisconsin. You read stories online of the Driftless, its magical spring-fed streams, and trout upon trout upon trout. While I don't doubt those tales to be true, I have to say, I was a bit befuddled when it came to fishing last weekend, at least with my tenkara rod.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, the large majority of my tenkara fishing was done on somewhat high gradient creeks and small streams that had many features...riffles, pocket water, plunge pools, downed trees, etc...each that over time, you learned were fish holding environments, and idea places to toss your kebari/fly. In subsequent years, traveling to places such as Utah, Colorado, and the Smoky Mountains to fish only reinforced that concept of what tenkara trout fishing looked like. Then I went to Wisconsin.

Tiny winding streams, flowing thorough canopy-free cow pastures full of well...cow crap, featuring long runs of extremely shallow, clear, and glass smooth wa…

The 2015 Midwest Tenkara Fest

The first Midwest Tenkara Fest (MWTF) was held in Wisconsin last weekend. Forever seeking a good excuse to fish "The Driftless," the combination of trout, tenkara, and new-to-me fishing waters, proved just too tempting to pass up.

After a long day of travel on Friday...Jacksonville to Charlotte...Charlotte to Chicago...and finally Chicago to La Crosse, Wisconsin, the doors of the Midwest Tenkara Fest opened shortly before 11AM on Saturday. Saturday also happened to be the Wisconsin Trout Opener, so fishing was on everyone's mind.

The MWTF itself was held in a VFW Hall in Coon Valley, Wisconsin.  Coon Valley is a really small town, basically a main street with all of the necessities; a church, a market, a pizza place, and of course, the ubiquitous Kwik Trip.

The VFW hall sits right next to Coon Valley Veterans Memorial Park, a beautifully maintained public use facility that just so happens to have a trout stream (Coon Creek) run right through it! So the MWTF was no more …

So What The Heck Is A Coulee Anyway?

Holy smokes. Wisconsin was not what I expected.  Like first off, unseasonably warm. Would you be surprised if I told you I came to Wisconsin and got sunburned?  And that's from a guy who lives in Florida.

I actually have one more day out here, so I'm not going to write a post about the trip yet, but I thought I'd share a few pictures of the Midwest Tenkara Fest and some of those Driftless streams...or Coulees...or whatever they're called...everything seems to be called _______ Coulee in this part of the world...