April 8, 2015

Wednesday Nibbles - Apps, Rocks, Daiwas, & Rambles

Welcome to Wednesday Nibbles...the blog post that pulls some fishing randomness together from across the internet in bite sized chunks. A semi-regular feature here, I just so happened to have enough nibbles in my inbox this week that made sense to make a post.

Enjoy...or not...I don't care...well I kind of do...eh, whatever...

Chasing Trout Stocking Trucks Just Got Easier...

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission announced yesterday that they have launched a new smartphone app for anglers that crams a lot of the most popular features of their website into the palm of your hand. The "FishBoatPA" app provides access to navigational tools, trout stocking charts, a fish identification guide, the "My Trophies" section where users can upload pictures, and of course, rules and regulations including details on where to find the closest licensing agent.

The part of the app that I think may be the coolest, but perhaps the most controversial is the "Near Me” feature which uses your phone and GPS to locate and display trout waters within 5, 15, 25 and 50 miles of your current location. I don't think it's going to give away any honey holes, but I could see a lot of people with their panties in a bunch.

Either way, the free app is now available for download for Apple or Android products.

If You Smell What The Rock Is Eatin'...

It's been mentioned quite often as of late that the ocean's fishery is in a rapid state of collapse. I'm not going to debate you on whether it is science or sensationalism, however one thing is clear...if fish stocks are falling at a rapid rate, you can blame it on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Photo courtesy Muscle and Fitness.com

Now of course I'm joking, however an article on the statistic-driven fivethrityeight.com outlined his daily caloric intake. The Rock eats 821 pounds of cod per year to fuel his "rock" physique...which is astonishing...and a ton of fish (well almost half a ton). Wow.

Getting Started In Tenkara...

As a consumer of pretty much everything tenkara, I may have simply missed these videos from Daiwa making the rounds when they were released about two weeks ago. However since they are on a Japanese language site, maybe not. Either way, if you're into the art of telescoping graphite cane poles (like me), these videos are probably worth your time, even if they aren't in English. (Give it a sec, it's a little slow to load...)

This particular video is about reading water, and there is a second video (that I won't embed) which is an intro to tenkara gear - rod, flies, line - and a basic casting stroke.

Note: For some reason I wasn't able to watch these at work...my IT guys are probably on to me...but they worked fine at home. 

Time For Some Blog Love...

As usual, I wrap up an edition of the Nibbles with some blog love...calling out a blog that is either doing something of note, or just worth your time reading (and typically lives in my blogroll). Today's blog love goes out to Rivertop Rambles.

Rivertop Rambles Blog

Rivertop Rambles is certainly not a new blog, around since 2011, but I've found myself going back and reading Walt's writing more and more frequently. That's one of the joys of a blog with a history, as a new(er) reader, there's a lot to go back in time and discover.

Topics are varied, with a little bit of everything for the outdoors-minded; if you haven't been a regular reader of Rivertop Rambles, I'm sure you'll find it quite enjoyable.


  1. What's freaky is I think the same person who made that tenkara movie did the sound affects for Wii Sports. Brought back flash backs of Wii Golf.

  2. So, let me see if I have this right. There is a app that will show me Duane Johnson fishing Tenkara to catch cod in Pa?

  3. As a regular reader of Troutrageous! I was pleasantly flipped head-over-heels in finding a tasty plug for my blog right here on "Nibbles"... Thanks so much for this, and keep up the great service you provide!
    Sincerely, Walt at Rivertop Rambles

  4. Here is too TechnologyLand and beyond! I guess I am somewhat teched out these days, but, I agree they are some fantastic tools for those that need or use them. Also, admire Walt's blog and nice to see you give him a shout out...............