April 22, 2015

MWTF, Star Wars, And The Ooze...

Starting to make some preparations for my upcoming trip to the Driftless for the Midwest Tenkara Fest.

Actually, I'm not going to lie...all of my fishing thoughts got majorly derailed last Thursday when that new Star Wars trailer dropped upon the world. Han motherf'n Solo & a chromed out stormtrooper in a cape. That's all that needs to be said. I haven't been able to focus on much of anything since... 

Stumbling through a midicholrian induced haze over the past weekend I thought it would be prudent to begin rounding up supplies to bring with - rods, lines, flies, booze, porn, Tebow... Ok, who am I kidding...packing tenkara crap is pretty easy...although I do have a tie-a-thon facing me this weekend to finish filling my fancy, hipster silicone-bottomed fly box.

Anybody know how to tie a pink squirrel kebari? 

Also sucked it up and did a half ass patch job on my wading boots with some Gorilla Glue. You know, "do or do not, there is no try." It's about function, not appearance. It was actually a fun project...because about the only thing I'm handy at is procrastination. For those that use the stuff, gotta love the ooze. You know what I'm talking about.

Could have been a royal douche and tried to call in the L.L. Bean guarantee, but these suckers have served me well over the past 4+ years...they've seen a lot of streams and hopped rocks o' plenty. Pennsylvania to Colorado, Georgia to New York, Virginia to Utah, and many points in-between. I've been nothing but happy with them. Just need to get through one more season.

Now I need to plot out where to actually fish...you know, when were not "Festing."
Sometimes too much water can be a curse. It's much easier if your choices are only chocolate or vanilla.
If you've been, and have ideas on locales, fill me in..

Otherwise, I'm just going to go where my rental Nissan Versa (or similar) takes me...trout are evidently as plentiful as cheese curd out there, so I guess I'll figure it out...


  1. You can't swing a soft hackle without hitting a trout in that amazing part of the world.

    If it isn't ten people deep, I had good luck up in Bohemian Valley, out of town north on P, up G, and then parked at where H crosses the stream and walked down a mile, fished back up. I will say there is a bull there than can be a sneaky SOB.

    Also I found this priceless when I lived in WI. Get a Gazetteer and a highlighter or you can download the PDFs now I guess.


  2. I'm having a little bit of a difficult time typing. Got Gorilla Glue on my keyboard.

    1. Curse of the ooze...and thanks for those FB shares!

  3. Did you see the Rogue One leaked trailer?