April 6, 2015

Ebisu - Don't Call It A Comeback

I had forgotten how much fun the (discontinued) Tenkara USA Ebisu rod is to fish with.


Yeah, it's a little bit heavier than some of the 12 foot-ish rods that I've been using these days, but it slings a real nice line quite easily...from 3.5 level line to furled. I used them both yesterday.


The fish were pretty active, brought 20 to hand (give or take a few), mostly bass. It's a blast sight fishing small bass like the one in the first picture, the way they'll rush up out of nowhere to slam an offering on the drop. Had a few takes from some bigger bass too, the biggest broke me off as it darted toward the center of the pond upon hookset. I need to work on my knots.

Could have been more I suppose, but the one thing I've learned is that if the fishing is good...there's always another angler crowding your space...


Nice to sneak out for a few hours while everyone was crashing from the morning's sugar rush and get the Ebisu it back into the rotation. Weekends are far too short.


  1. I have never used a wooden handle tenkara rod and really wonder how it feels in the hand. Perhaps will I be lucky to find an Ebisu on an auction web site one day!

  2. Nice outing, Mike! Big numbers!

  3. Mike thanks for sharing! Nice fish and glad you had a chance to work the Ebisu!

  4. Michael
    I notice you were not the only one fishing that day. The bass and bluegill seem to have a different color as oppose to the fish in Alabama, Miss, Ga, and Tenn. In fact the bluegill has the markings on the nose of a Coppernose bluegill which reach close to 2 lbs. Congrats on the catch, thanks for sharing