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MWTF, Star Wars, And The Ooze...

Starting to make some preparations for my upcoming trip to the Driftless for the Midwest Tenkara Fest.

Actually, I'm not going to lie...all of my fishing thoughts got majorly derailed last Thursday when that new Star Wars trailer dropped upon the world. Han motherf'n Solo & a chromed out stormtrooper in a cape. That's all that needs to be said. I haven't been able to focus on much of anything since... 

Stumbling through a midicholrian induced haze over the past weekend I thought it would be prudent to begin rounding up supplies to bring with - rods, lines, flies, booze, porn, Tebow... Ok, who am I kidding...packing tenkara crap is pretty easy...although I do have a tie-a-thon facing me this weekend to finish filling my fancy, hipster silicone-bottomed fly box.
Anybody know how to tie a pink squirrel kebari? 
Also sucked it up and did a half ass patch job on my wading boots with some Gorilla Glue. You know, "do or do not, there is no try." It's about f…

Tenkara Tuesday - Interview With Robb Chunco of Creekside Kebari + Fly Co.

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

As I started playing around a little bit more on Instagram last winter as a way to fuel the "Tenkaragram" project, I found that it broadened my horizons to what is going on in the world of tenkara, especially when it came to folks that weren't affiliated with any of the rod companies, nor doing the majority of their socializing on Facebook or Twitter. One of the first users to catch my eye was Creekside Kebari + Fly account that not only appeared to be tying really great flies, but taking stellar photos of them as well.

After a month or so in the making, I'm happy to present this week's installment of Tenkara Tuesday; an interview with Robb Chunco of Creekside Kebari + Fly Co.

T!:I understand that you & Creekside Kebari + Fly Co. are based in Buffalo, NY. What do you consider your home waters? Do you have a favorite creek or fish species, and what do you like most about it? (No need to give up secret spots) RC: Being in …

Southern Rainbows

Ever since I moved to Florida I've been somewhat saddened that my days of regular trout fishing were numbered. While the Sunshine State has tons of epic sport fishing opportunities, (coldwater) trout is not one of them...and for a guy who writes a blog called "Troutrageous!," that can be a difficult pill to swallow. The closest trout to me is a 5 to 7 hour trip to Georgia...or so I thought.

Turns out, there's something pretty interesting going on in Tallahassee. Interesting to me at least. Evidently for quite some time, a cardiologist has been stocking Kamloops rainbow trout in the pond on his plantation property creating a way for locals to fly fish for trout in Florida in the cooler winter months. It's become somewhat of an annual tradition ever since.
He only allows catch & release, barbless-hook fly fishing (4 weight or over, as not to stress the fish), and simply asks for a small fee of $25 be left in the mailbox on his property. How old-school is that? …

Wednesday Nibbles - Apps, Rocks, Daiwas, & Rambles

Welcome to Wednesday Nibbles...the blog post that pulls some fishing randomness together from across the internet in bite sized chunks. A semi-regular feature here, I just so happened to have enough nibbles in my inbox this week that made sense to make a post.

Enjoy...or not...I don't care...well I kind of, whatever...

Chasing Trout Stocking Trucks Just Got Easier...

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission announced yesterday that they have launched a new smartphone app for anglers that crams a lot of the most popular features of their website into the palm of your hand. The "FishBoatPA" app provides access to navigational tools, trout stocking charts, a fish identification guide, the "My Trophies" section where users can upload pictures, and of course, rules and regulations including details on where to find the closest licensing agent.

The part of the app that I think may be the coolest, but perhaps the most controversial is the "Near Me” fea…

Ebisu - Don't Call It A Comeback

I had forgotten how much fun the (discontinued) Tenkara USA Ebisu rod is to fish with.

Yeah, it's a little bit heavier than some of the 12 foot-ish rods that I've been using these days, but it slings a real nice line quite easily...from 3.5 level line to furled. I used them both yesterday.

The fish were pretty active, brought 20 to hand (give or take a few), mostly bass. It's a blast sight fishing small bass like the one in the first picture, the way they'll rush up out of nowhere to slam an offering on the drop. Had a few takes from some bigger bass too, the biggest broke me off as it darted toward the center of the pond upon hookset. I need to work on my knots.

Could have been more I suppose, but the one thing I've learned is that if the fishing is good...there's always another angler crowding your space...

Nice to sneak out for a few hours while everyone was crashing from the morning's sugar rush and get the Ebisu it back into the rotation. Weekends are …

Fly Patterns - The Fly

Thought I'd share this short video I stumbled across on Vimeo last night...if for no other reason than to kick the April Fool's post out of the first spot on the blog.

Not exactly sure what's going on here, but it's pretty neat in a stop motion kinda way. The video belongs to this website and this blog, so check them out too if you're looking to kill more time...

Amazon Dash - Oh, The Possibilities!

So yesterday, unleashed a new concept in shopping for "consumable" items onto the e-tailing landscape.  Dubbed "Amazon Dash," it's a physical button you place pretty much wherever, that allows you to instantly re-order things like laundry detergent, diapers, coffee, trash bags, and razor blades with a simple click. Crazy...lazy..probably both.

The fact that it was announced the day before April Fools', makes many think it's a joke. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, I guess we'll find out today.
Anyway, where there's smoke, there's fire, and how awesome of a service would this potentially be for fishermen? I mean think of all of the items you either run out of, lose, or simply forget to bring with you. Pair a "dash" button with Amazon's drone copter air force, and you could have immediate, on the river delivery of pretty much anything...
Fear not, Troutrageous! Dash will have you covered!
"Those trout wont take wi…