March 10, 2015

Tenkara Tuesday - Brazilian Tenkara Koi

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

Carlos Andre Blatt, a tenkara angler from Brazil, had a run in with a koi recently and posted this great video to the Tenkara Florida Facebook group.

What makes this even better, (and you have to pay close attention to really notice this in the video) is that he's not fishing with a short tenkara rod, his rod actually broke when initially fighting the fish, leaving him with only the top section to bring the fish to hand!
"...I thought it was ready to surrender and I pulled the rod backwards to bring it closer to grab the line. Then he suddenly swam away in a last power sprint. I wasn't able to react properly and forgot to bring rod back to its power position...."
Photo Courtesy - Carlos Andre Blatt

All I can say is great catch!


Are you a tenkara angler? Do you have a story, pictures, video, fly recipe, or simply a fishing report from one of your recent tenkara adventures? If so, I'd really enjoy hearing from you for an upcoming Tenkara Tuesday post! Feel free to send an email HERE, I'd love to publish your original contribution.