March 19, 2015

Quick Trip, Quick Ties

Headed back to Philly this weekend. Well, the suburbs of King of Prussia & Conshohocken to be exact. (Those are city names, can't make that up).

Have a meeting up there on Monday morning, so figured I'd spend the few days prior preparing by loading up on hoagies, "whiz wit" cheesesteaks, & soft pretzels. Weather looks nice on Saturday and Sunday...I'm sure folks up in the Delaware Valley will be wearing tank tops and shorts.

I'm going to try and do a little fishing while I'm up there. Hope the creeks don't get blown out from rain the night before, I'm sure they're high and dirty to begin with (just like I like my women). I suppose I'll hit Valley Creek, since many of the other waters are closed for the month for trout stocking. We'll see. 

Did work on tying up some beadhead "road kone" kebari last night to fill some holes in my fly box...I have about a half dozen more to tie before I'll be happy with my assortment for the trip.

tenkara road kone cone kebari fishing fly

Anyway, that's pretty much it from here. Hope your neck of the woods is finally springing into Spring and you're focusing on fishy pursuits this weekend too. 


  1. Thats the type of weather we've been having here in Chicago, and everyone is in shorts. Haha Nice ties, and cool name for that pattern.

  2. These kebari are very nice and will catch trouts for sure. Nice weather would make the day even better!

  3. Mike, Kebari the barbless hooks are a nice touch! Look forward to the post after your trip! Tightlines and hope ya get into some fish!

  4. In an effort to not offend...have a good trip Mike.

  5. Great looking flies.
    Snow here in CT, hope southeast PA has better weather.

  6. Nice!! Hope you get a few trout in the net while you are there. =)