Happy Birthday Lilly!

Holy smokes, today is Lilly's 9th birthday!

Pic from the first day of school...

It's a little crazy...if you use the age of 18 to represent "adulthood," (although that's certainly debatable these days), she's halfway there. A scary thought for a Dad of a one and only child, a daughter at that.

Lilly's growing up to be quite the awesome kid. Although I don't share quite as much about her on the blog anymore due to her expanding independence (and my subsequent concern over internet "creepers"), my wife and I couldn't be any prouder of the little person she's become over the past nine years. Great grades in school, a passion for reading, a creative mind, plus she's on her way to becoming a black belt in karate, so umm...teenage boys...don't mess with her in a few years! (Now if we could only get her to take a shower in less than 45 minutes...)

So I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge her birthday here. She still loves to see her picture on the computer screen (which I'm sure will be "embarrassing" in a few more years) and well, this blog will always be about "Fishing, Lilly, & Utter Nonsense."

Happy Birthday "Knee."


  1. From a Dad with 2 daughters..."18" is a terrifying thought. Happy bday Lilly!

  2. I swear it seems like you were just posting about her turning 6.

  3. Happy birthday to Lilly, who seems to be a perfectly normal young lady in light of her father being an internet super star. She must take after her mother. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Lilly. We've loved watching you grow up.

  5. Happy birthday Miss Lilly. You're turning into quite a young lady.

  6. A Rocky Mountain "Hi" to you, Lilly on your 9th birthday. Hope you have a great day.

  7. Happy Birthday Lilly! My oldest turned 9 in Jan. The time has gone way to fast for both of them. I'd give up tenkara if I could keep them small.


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