March 9, 2015

Birthday Browns Part II

Had a bit of time to burn last night.
I'm in Houston on business until Tuesday-ish and the weather has sucked. Rainy...messy, bleh.

So rather than just sitting in the hotel bar all night drinking way more than I should on a Sunday night, I caught up on some fly fishing videos. Specifically this one from WildFlyProductions, which was pretty entertaining.

Lots of trouty goodness, a few drone aerial shots, and possibly a good soundtrack (if you're into that sort of music). If we can't be on a trout stream, we might as well live vicariously through these guys...

From the Vimeo description: 
Another birthday well spent and what better place than the Davidson river. Birthday Browns part II was not planned but it just so happened that about a month after Shane's birthday was Scottie's and our destination was the Davidson river. Scottie also pulled in 2 nice browns on this day thus living up to the name "Birthday Browns." We got to meet up with Conor Howard and Jack Tamborski from Tuck Fly Shop in Bryson City, NC. Jack and Connor being guides, really showed us a lot and we had a blast fishing with them.

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  1. Same weather here. nasty late winter rain. Here's to brown trout and spring. Nice share. I hope the Davidson is going to come back from it's slim pickins of last year. they have a "bird problem" there now that's out of control - or they did. Maybe it's already back? I dunno.