The St. Johns River Alliance Highlights Shad Alley

Here's a nice video put together by the St. Johns River Alliance about "Shad Alley," the area of Florida I fished earlier this month. It's such a neat spot, the video does a good job showing off the diversity of the St. Johns River.

Plus, it's less than 3 minutes long and well worth the watch.

h/t Capt. Rich Santos


  1. Great video and shad are on my life list. I found it odd that he says they don't eat them at the end of the video. Their Latin name means "the delicious fish" and they are said to be one of the best tasting fish anywhere. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, don't know. I was told they're really, really bony fish, so maybe that's the turn off. My guide the day I went out said he has a client that keeps them and bakes them really hot and the bones melt away.

  2. Shad are bony like a carp. You can also put them in a pressure cooker and it will dissolve the bones. I'd be interested in what fly they were using. I have some Shad flies I got from the local fly store, but they've never produced anything.

    1. When I went out we used little bonefish flies, Crazy Charlies, with either yellow or pink in them.

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