February 15, 2015

Tenkara Rod Co. / Backcountry.com Goat Tenkara Kit


Tenkara Rod Co Backcountry Goat Rod Cap

Appears the guys over at the Tenkara Rod Co. have partnered with Backcountry.com on a special make up (SMU) tenkara rod kit called the Goat. Maybe this isn't a new revelation, as I don't frequent Backcountry.com all that often, I just happened to see it there last night and I don't recall hearing about it before.

Tenkara Rod Co Backcountry Goat Rod Package

I guess it's sort of like prior iterations of co-branding, similar to the Backpacking Light / Tenkara USA Hane from a few years back, or even more recently the re-badging of the TFO tenkara rods as Patagonia "Simple Fly Fishing."

Really don't know much about the Goat rod other than the fact that it's 12 feet long. Not sure if it's a Sawtooth with a different coat of paint, or if it's something totally new. The description provided is as minimal at tenkara itself.

Just found it sort of interesting, as Backcountry.com has carried Tenkara USA products in the past, as well as the Patagonia / TFO rods. Would be curious to see if now that they have their own Goat rod, if those other brands get the nudge out the door...or if this move is simply to address an opening price point omission. At $159.95, the Goat is far more price friendly than their offerings from other brands at well north of $200.

Here are a few more pics, lifted from the Backcountry.com website that show off the paint job better, including the integration of Backcountry.com's ubiquitous Goat logo...

Tenkara Rod Co Backcountry Goat Rod Branding
Tenkara Rod Co Backcountry Goat Rod Extended


  1. I find the appearance of Tenkara Rod Co. rods very particular.

  2. Very interesting looking rod. I'm a fan of the paint job on it. Now I'll just have to look into what makes it more back country than other Tenkara rods.