February 1, 2015

Tenkara Guide Sling (via Tenkara Talk)

Jason over at Tenkara Talk has been an awesome resource for tenkara-related information pretty much since tenkara became a "thing" in the United States.  If you're into tenkara, I'm surely not telling you anything new.

He posted an excellent video yesterday on how he configures his Zimmerbuilt Tenkara Guide Sling for a day on the water.  I also own a Tenkara Guide Sling for those longer outings when I need to bring a bit more than what my Vedavoo Tightlines Sling will carry...I'm definitely going to take his advice on the tippet placement!

I'd like to note, while it's called a "Tenkara Guide Sling," I also use this pack when fly fishing with a rod and reel.  It's a very well designed pack that's exceptionally lightweight.  It's one I'd recommend to any fly fisherman.

Bow & arrow cast and Tenkara Guide Sling for the win!
Image Courtesy: Owl Jones


  1. As one of the guys who developed this pack, it is so cool to see it continue to be a useful design to other anglers. At least we got one thing right.

  2. Very interesting and innovative. I appreciate the post and I will have to check into that pack. I like the look of it.

  3. That was a great post, but listen - I have to tell you that I'm pretty upset that you have a photo of that butterfly net and you didn't even mention the three hours we spent trying to catch a Danaus plexippus for your collection. Shame, shame.