February 14, 2015

Fishing Haturday - TN FLY CO

I'm not from Tennessee. I've never fished in Tennessee. I think I've been in the state a grand total of 2 times...once to Nashville and another time to Tullahoma (don't ask, although it's a pretty random story).

Regardless, today's Fishing Haturday featured hat is...

TN FLY CO Tri-Fly Logo Hat
Don't worry Brian Schiele, I'll have a "regular" cap for you next time...

There's just something about the Tri-Fly logo...which I suppose emulates the 3 stars in the Tennessee state flag...that I really dig. Even take the whole Tennessee factor out of this, I just think it looks cool...almost subtle patriotic or something...

It's available in many colors, shapes, and styles HERE, starting at $25.


  1. The only problem I see is that all their hats are the "One size fits all" which doesn't apply to us with fat heads (not because I'm a Leo or anything). Cool looking logo, though.

    1. Maybe I'll do a post on fishing sombreros in the future. That might solve your problem. :)