January 13, 2015

This Made My Morning

Might not be everyone's taste in fishing blogs, but I'm certainly glad to see he's going to give it another try...

It's certainly more fun around here when my buddy in Georgia is creating some fishing content.

So when we going fishing again?
I've got some graphite cane poles with your name on them.


  1. I totally agree with you, Mike! Welcome back, Owl!!

  2. Yup, I am all in on Owl. He has been all over the place, much like me. I guess that might have something to say about having something to say.............................

  3. Thanks guys. It wasn't quite ready for "prime time" but I forget that it must auto-post on G+ (???) - and I awoke to Mike's day being made - which of course made my day and then all the nice comments from you guys and the comments over on fishlicker and well - I appreciate the welcome back very much. PS - starting something a little special tomorrow. Be sure to check it out. - and thanks Mike, for always being the cheerleader for my crazy stunts. Now get out of that skirt, you look like an idiot in that. :)