January 29, 2015

Silence Is Golden...False Albacore On The Fly

Last week this blog was straight up chatty...this week, totally antisocial.
Sorry about that, although I'm sure none of you really noticed.

Due to lack of original content, here's a video I'm lazily embedding off of Vimeo. It's fly fishing for false albacore by New England on the Fly.  Who knows...maybe I even beat Moldy Chum to posting this video...because it seems like two thirds of their posts these days are Vimeo videos...

Anyway, enjoy!

My line of real work (no, writing a sub-par fly fishing blog doesn't pay the bills) gets super crazy nuts this time of year...specifically the last two weeks of January and the first-ish week of February. There's a rather large game in Arizona this weekend that requires that I put in something like 18 hour days over and over and over. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's part of my job, and I know it's coming each year, so I'm not looking for pity, just explaining why the fishy content has been lacking as of late. 

Word to your mutha.


  1. I've caught several Albacore on heavy deep sea gear. I can't imagine one on a fly rod.

  2. I love Albacore...off the shelf.

  3. I was out there by Taylor's house in the albie alley a few times. It can be really cool looking sunrise, sunset, and every minute inbetween. My trips were unsuccessful however. Who are these guys? I'll pick up MMarket if ya put me on the fish NEOTF!
    Awesome video! So many different stories thru life come from that square mile of ocean, cool to see it in a cool vimeo vid!

  4. GO. HAWKS. - all i have to say 'bout that. :)