Oh, I Fish (Sometimes)

This is a fishing blog...right?
Yeah, but my last "fishing report" post was in October...  Wow.  Pathetic.

It hasn't been that I haven't been fishing, it's just that the outings have all been kind of pedestrian.  No big fish (no surprise), no exotic locales, and well...not really the best blog fodder.

But I did go fishing yesterday, and here's a post really uninspiring post about it.
(Sorry if you happened to see these pictures on Instagram yesterday).

So it was something like 80 degrees here in north Florida yesterday.  Sunny, with a little breeze, I apologize in advance to those of you suffering through much colder temperatures (although from what I can tell from social media, most places in the country seem to be sort of warm themselves).

I thought I'd take the bike for a ride and hit one of the neighborhood ponds on the outskirts of our development.  I brought the tenkara rod, the 6-weight (in case I ran into big bass or carp), and my Vedavoo sling pack...because I rarely fish without it.

When I got to the pond, the first thing I saw was a big splash into the water with my peripheral vision. Not thinking much of it, I went to rigging up the Tenkara USA Sato and walk the perimeter of the pond to see if I could coax out any bass from the edges of the shoreline weeds.

About 5 minutes into fishing, I saw a log in the water.  But it wasn't a log.  It was a 4-ish foot long alligator.  Oh.  That's new.

Now I knew it wasn't going to do anything to me...and it didn't...as I walked around the pond it seemed to swim in the opposite direction most of the day, hence the horrible photo.

Unfortunately, that was kind of the highlight of the fishing for the day.  I picked out about a dozen bluegill while walking around the pond, but the fishing was really slow.  I do thank the fishing gods for bluegill though, because when all else fails...

I saw some bass, but they just weren't interested in my offerings.  I even strung up the 6-weight and launched some flies toward the middle of the pond (you know, 50+ feet out where tenkara doesn't travel nicely), just to see if anything basstastic was lurking in the depths...besides more alligators.  No dice...other than some bluegill bycatch.

That was really it.  Nothing much to really write about, and aside from the gator, it was pretty representative of the last month or two's fishing.  It's all good though.  2015 is right around the corner, and I've got some things in the works...

Anyone know anything good about Calgary, Alberta?


  1. So, just what about this installment was less than acceptable?
    I found it good reading, and informative. I'm sure it seems daunting to come up with new material, but you undersell yourself. Our lives are a tapestry of minor moments, with occasional high points mixed in. Making these minor moments entertaining is what a good writer does - and you've done it.
    I'm sure your readers appreciate a look at another environment, too.
    Not many outside FL can fish with gators, after all.

    I'd like to see more about your cycling set up. It's something that interests me. I'm recovering from knee surgery and cycling is the ideal therapy
    if I can combine it with fishing, well... Can it get better?

    1. Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated.

      Perhaps I'll write a post about the cycling set up in the future. It' a good ideas.
      It's really nothing special other than a rod tube lashed to the frame of my hybrid bike. I actually wear the sling pack that's draped over the handlebars while riding.

  2. I've been surprised at how poor the bass fishing is in Sarasota County right now. Bass are around (and plenty of 'em), but the bite is poor. Luckily there are roughly 30,000 miles of saltwater creeks and canals to fall back on....

    1. Very lazy fish. But if I remember right, it was this way last year too. Things didn't start picking up until February.

  3. Nothing like a Gator in the pond you're fishing to keep you one your toes.

    1. Right? First time I've seen one in the neighborhood ponds.

  4. Looks like a good outing to me. I like to think that bluegill wear an invisible "S" on their chest, and it stands for Skunk Buster. I know that's 2 words, but that's what it's for. I've never had the opportunity of sharing a lake with a gator, and my chances are extremely slim here in Illinois. Have you ever hooked one or have one come too close?

    1. I have not hooked a gator. I'm not sure I'd like to try...at least if I want my fly (or fingers) back.

  5. You could do a whole lot for your reputation if you catch and rassle one of those gators! Just sayin'...

    1. No kidding. I'm probably qualified. I've watched at least 3 episodes of Gator Boys before...

  6. Ok, I ain't buying it! I have been very slow to react too or accept Tenkara as an interest to begin with, but, fly fishing to Gators with Tenkara takes it all to a whole new level.......
    Of course, if a guy is going to sport one of them Sasquatch T-Shirts, I am going to assume that someone like you would be all over fly fishing for Gators with a Tenkara rod.

    You da' Man!!!

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  8. Haha, love the gator! When I was in Jacksonville a few years back I kept asking everyone where I could find them as I had never seen one in person, except in the zoo of course. That same trip I did make it down to Gainsville and saw my share. Shoot, there was even one in the ditch next to the parking lot. Thanks for posting and here to wishing you a happy new year sir.

  9. Heading to Calgary? You can email me if you need any info and I will do what I can to point you in the right direction. joe@superflyintl.com


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