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Oh, I Fish (Sometimes)

This is a fishing blog...right?
Yeah, but my last "fishing report" post was in October...  Wow.  Pathetic.

It hasn't been that I haven't been fishing, it's just that the outings have all been kind of pedestrian.  No big fish (no surprise), no exotic locales, and well...not really the best blog fodder.

But I did go fishing yesterday, and here's a post really uninspiring post about it.
(Sorry if you happened to see these pictures on Instagram yesterday).

So it was something like 80 degrees here in north Florida yesterday.  Sunny, with a little breeze, I apologize in advance to those of you suffering through much colder temperatures (although from what I can tell from social media, most places in the country seem to be sort of warm themselves).

I thought I'd take the bike for a ride and hit one of the neighborhood ponds on the outskirts of our development.  I brought the tenkara rod, the 6-weight (in case I ran into big bass or carp), and my Vedavoo sling pac…

The Top 5 Troutrageous! Posts of 2014

More year end hi-jinks, coming up...

2011 was kind of a stellar year around here.  3 years ago I hacked together penned 280 blog posts within the calendar year.  I know...WTF, get a life, right?  That number's been slipping each year since...down to 172 in 2012, 154 in 2013, and a "mere" 136 so far this year (not counting today's hot mess).

Anyway, of those most recent 136, there were probably at least a few that were somewhat worthwhile...or entertaining...or had some sort of redeeming least that's what my Google stats tell me by "your" visits.

So for all of you that have been around for the ride, or are even brand new to the blog, I figured I'd close out the year with a Top 5 post. "Popularity" being judged by Google Analytics' visitor statistics. Which I do understand is clearly flawed logic since posts written in the beginning of the year have a better chance to amass more traffic, but whatever...blah, blah, blah...

A Look Back On 2014, Instagram Style

I was never really one to embrace Instagram.  Sure I've had an account for a few years, but seldom posted to it.  At some point this year I decided to jump in and give it a legitimate "go," both expanding my posts and seeking out great content from others...I think it was a few weeks before the Tenkara Summit.

Anyway, it's been a fun year posting there, making (and connecting with) many new friends along the way.  I even found some hacks to make it integrate better with the Mothership...and created a spin-off blog of just tenkara-based Instagram posts.
As such, I thought I'd share the 5 most popular Troutrageous! Instagram posts of the determined by number of likes (which is definitely skewed toward the back 1/3rd of the year).  It's fun to look back at the year that was, especially when it's in pictures.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of my Instagram buddies! #buddytheelf #fishing #spaghettiandsyrup A photo posted by Michael Agneta …

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to all of my flshing & blog BUDDYs...

A continuation of last year's "Festive Fly Fisher" post found HERE

ChrisT!mas Eve Elfing...

While I'm not much for the elaborate "Elf on the Shelf" displays, Lilly loves them (& is a believer), and is going to wake up this morning to some elfin' hi-jinks...courtesy of "Mrs. Claus."

Ooh, barracuda...

New T! Shirts for 2015

The T! Shirt has been redesigned for 2015!
(with some help from my friends at H&H Outfitters)

It's Tenkara... It's a Sasquatch... It's a Big Ass Trout... It's Green... It's all of the above!

After a very limited initial print run, there are some sizes L-3XL in stock now.
$20 + Free Shipping
If you like...for more info, or to buy, check HERE.

Win Costas For Christmas...

That was what the subject line of the email said.

Is it strange that I was scared to death to open it?

Fearing that I'd find this...

Okay, so I just trotted out a 10 month old sight gag...(get it, sight gag?)...but seriously...I found it funny.
I do miss all of the Sochi hi-jinks...and also truly do have a phobia of sportscasters in miniature.

Oh, and by the way, you really can win Costas (del Mar, not Bob) for Christmas, the details are HERE.

Sharks, Feathers, and Fish Planes

Thought I'd break the silence around here with a new post.  Yeah, it's been a while.
Here are some quick hitters of things I've found of interest somewhat recently...perhaps you will too...
1.  Reverse Tauntaun
I'm sure most of you have seen this on Facebook (or other social network of choice by now).  Pretty crazy right?  I mean who holds their phone vertically when they take video...what the heck?  That's like the worst...

Anyway...this guy is kinda crazy for cutting open a dead shark with a big belly.  Had he never seen the video of what happened to the guys who cut open the busting-at-the-seams whale?

2.  Tenkara Tying Videos
Those crazies at Tenkara USA are up to no good again...posting a series of instructional videos of folks that tied flies at the Tenkara Summit a few months back.  Here's the first in the series...from Mark Bolson, who I happened to watch tie in person.  Good stuff.

Oh, and and is it a coincidence these videos come out at the same time th…