November 9, 2014

Retractable Spike Wading Boots?

Happy November.  'Tis the season to receive a daily dose of mail order catalogs crammed into your mailbox in search of your holiday spending dollar...and also grow an impressive crop of facial hair in the name of men's health.  As if one really needs an excuse to do the latter.

Anyway, in one of said retail catalogs...I honestly don't remember which...heck, it could have even been SkyMall that was consumed on one of my recent flights...I noticed a pair of $300ish hiking/winter boots that had retractable spikes built into the sole.  You basically cranked a small knob on the back and the spikes extended out of the rubber bottomed boots on demand.  Seemed rather slick.

I dug up a non-affiliated video here...(fast forward to 0:22)

Anyway, do you think this has fishing wading boot applications?  I know since many people have made the move to sticky rubber (myself included), spikes or cleats are a mandatory accessory.  Heck, I love my Goat Head Sole Spikes in tandem with my LL Bean sticky rubber wading boots.  They're awesome.

But if you've walked from the parking lot, down the trail, down to the water, your spikes go crunch, crunch, crunch all the way down...and I'm sure you're dulling the points on them in the process.  Oh, and would one really want to spike up the bottom of your or your guide's drift boat?  Probably not.  Just some thoughts on how this technology could be valuable for fishing...given it doesn't weigh 1000 pounds.  Wading boots already tend to be Frankenstein-ish in silhouette.

Perhaps this already exists, and I'm just not "in the know."  Wouldn't be the first time.

As long as Simms, or Korkers, or Chota, or TWBC (the Troutrageous! Wading Boot Company) figures out a way to make the spikes replaceable...i.e. they screw in and out of retractable platforms...I think one might have something here.

Lord knows us fly fishermen will buy anything if properly marketed...