Let's put fishing aside and talk about something important for a second.

Actually, make that 88 seconds that have suddenly made the next 12 months seemingly insufferable...

I have to wait how long?

I mean Holy sh*t...X-Wings!!!!


I'm suddenly more than moist...

Only some sort of cynical, nitpick can't be excited about know, the type of wet blanket that trolls the internet belittling nymphing as being beneath fly fishing....or insists tenkara is dapping.  Simply put, anybody who isn't psyched by this, isn't a Star Wars fan.  Even if there is some strange R2-D2 / adidas Tango lovechild bopping around...


Oh...and I've said this before, but speaking of tenkara...the first company that makes a blue (or red) tenkara rod with a bad-ass lightsaber looking handle...just take my money now.  And yes, I will make sound effects with my mouth while I fish.

See you on the dark side of the stream...


  1. Your idea of a lightsaber tenkara rod is brilliant. Like holy crap take my money already!

    1. No kidding, right? My money is on Riverworks Tenkara...

  2. I saw the trailer advertised on MSN, but the link took you NOWHERE. Thanks for finding it. Like you and SP, when the lightsaber Tenkara rod is ready, my American Express card is ready. My the Force be with you Obi Won Agneta.

  3. I too am looking forward to it, I wasn't particularly keen on the last three but love the originals. From the trailer it looks like the films are back on track.

    1. The last 3 weren't Star Wars movies. I object to their existence.

    2. If there was a "like" button for your reply T!.....I would have pushed it many times.

  4. Saw this last night and got goose bumps.

  5. When I was a kid there was fishing, football and STAR WARS! I was so pumped to see the trailer that immediately after became family movie night. My 8 and 5 year old daughters were treated to their first showing of the one that started it all. You are right.....the wait will be intolerable.

  6. I am STOKED for these new movies, and seeing the teaser trailer has got me more excited that I literally don't know how to describe it. That shot of the X Wings is just ridiculous!!! OMG - I shit you not, I've been thinking about my next fly rod, and I really want a 7 wt in light saber green. How cool would it be if someone could make a replica grip, too! (functionality doesn't matter!) I guess it would be better as a Tenkara rod if that was the case. The ideas just keep flowing!

  7. Hi,
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