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Let's put fishing aside and talk about something important for a second.

Actually, make that 88 seconds that have suddenly made the next 12 months seemingly insufferable...

I mean Holy sh*t...X-Wings!!!!


I'm suddenly more than moist...

Only some sort of cynical, nitpick can't be excited about know, the type of wet blanket that trolls the internet belittling nymphing as being beneath fly fishing....or insists tenkara is dapping.  Simply put, anybody who isn't psyched by this, isn't a Star Wars fan.  Even if there is some strange R2-D2 / adidas Tango lovechild bopping around...

Oh...and I've said this before, but speaking of tenkara...the first company that makes a blue (or red) tenkara rod with a bad-ass lightsaber looking handle...just take my money now.  And yes, I will make sound effects with my mouth while I fish.

Black Friday Fishing?

Anybody getting up early this morning to go to your stream, lake, or ocean...rather than running head-first into the retail orgy that is "Black Friday?"

I'm actually working (from home) today, as I work in internet I'm somewhat fortunate that I don't have a physical store I need to present at...taser in hand to keep rowdy shoppers in check.  (P.S., if you want to help put Lilly through college AND skip the crowds, shop HEREfor all of your favorite team gear).

Anyway, I hope some of you are going out fishing.  I might try to make it out to one of the neighborhood ponds later today, once the chaos of the morning's shopping frenzy calms down a bit and emails stop popping into my Inbox like Jiffy Pop.  When I used to live in Pennsylvania, my local trout club would do an annual Black Friday morning stocking, so it was fun blowing off some steam tossing spinners or casting buggers at brain dead naive stockers...

I guess if you have to do some shopping, …

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Just wanted to wish all of my readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all of you are enjoying the holiday with friends and family (and maybe a river if you're lucky).
Thanks for all of the support over the past few years.

Now where's that can of cranberry sauce...?

A Pocket Sized Fishing Camper

I don't know if this is considered "glamping," but these little hitch campers from 30 Seconds To Camp are pretty slick.

I've always had a fondness for teardrop campers.  I've casually shopped them more than once over the years, thinking they'd be a great way to extend a day of fishing into a weekend.  I mean is this Camp-Inn Teardrop pictured below not a thing of beauty?  It will also run you $5,000, $10,000, or much, much more, depending on options.

On the flip side, the 30 Seconds To Camp is a teardrop-esque camper, but rather than being trailer based, it's hitch based...compatible with a Class III hitch.  And since there are no wheels, there's no need to have the camper tagged or licensed.  
Once at camp, you just extend the legs, unfold the cabin, and you've got a micro-camper that sleeps 2.  Not too much different from one of those campers or tents you can get for the bed of a pickup truck, but this one won't take up the storage room your…

An Ode To The Underground

Well...actually not technically an "ode"...because an ode is a poem.  And I don't write poetry.  If anything I lay down white boy B-Rabbit vs. Papa Doc in 8-Mile.  Ugh...not really...and totally off topic already...what the heck is going on again?  OK...deep breath...let's call this a "tribute post" and leave it at that.

So as I was trying to say...a few days ago Tom Chandler fired off what could be the final post at The Trout Underground for the foreseeable future...and in doing so, a little piece of me died inside.

Now I can't blame Tom.  He's been writing The Underground for almost 10 years...which might as well be 1000 in blogger years.  I think most blogs probably last 2 or 3 posts, and that may be generous.  Plus, if you read his goodbye post, his motivations are clear and sincere.

When I first started reading blogs about fly fishing...there were two that were a constant theme within everybody else's blogrolls...Moldy Chum &a…

Retractable Spike Wading Boots?

Happy November.  'Tis the season to receive a daily dose of mail order catalogs crammed into your mailbox in search of your holiday spending dollar...and also grow an impressive crop of facial hair in the name of men's health.  As if one really needs an excuse to do the latter.

Anyway, in one of said retail catalogs...I honestly don't remember which...heck, it could have even been SkyMall that was consumed on one of my recent flights...I noticed a pair of $300ish hiking/winter boots that had retractable spikes built into the sole.  You basically cranked a small knob on the back and the spikes extended out of the rubber bottomed boots on demand.  Seemed rather slick.

I dug up a non-affiliated video here...(fast forward to 0:22)

Anyway, do you think this has fishing wading boot applications?  I know since many people have made the move to sticky rubber (myself included), spikes or cleats are a mandatory accessory.  Heck, I love my Goat Head Sole Spikes in tandem with my LL B…