Tenkara With Ike - #tenkarawithike

One of my favorite non-fishing blogs over the last few years is a Philadelphia sports blog called "I Want To Go To The Zoo With Roy Halladay," or Zoo With Roy (ZWR), for short.  It is a blog that went up shortly after the Philadelphia Phillies signed ace pitcher Roy Halladay in the 2010 off-season.  The blog started as a simple, yet unlikely concept, to get Roy Halladay to go to the Philadelphia Zoo with the author...

Over the years, the blog evolved into much more, satirizing & lampooning the entire Philly sports scene (and their opponents) with quick wit and a ton on MS Paint drawings...to the point that following his retirement prior to the 2014 season, Roy Halladay became a fan of the blog...and, well, it actually happened...

So with that, and an innocent Twitter interaction this past Friday night, my half-assed, "I Want To Go Tenkara Fishing with Mike Iaconelli," or Tenkara With Ike (TWI), campaign has begun...

Those with Twitter accounts, please don't be shy about letting him know about it either... 


  1. Surely he'll find someone more entertaining to tenkafish with.

    1. Ooh. This post got Clif out of reclusion. Forget Ike, mission accomplished.


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