September 25, 2014


I soft launched a new blog/website yesterday called Tenkaragram.

So what's the purpose of Tenkaragram?  Really, nothing.  It's basically a blog that aggregates all of the Instagram posts that use the hashtag #tenkara.  It doesn't update instantaneously, but automatically sweeps Instagram from time to time and picks up and embeds the latest.

But T!, can't I just click on the hashtag #tenkara within Instagram and do the same thing?  Yeah, I suppose...different strokes for different folks.  Oh, I also have it set up to search Vimeo for new "tenkara" videos and embed them as well...although none have been posted since the launch.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm sure it'll blow things up.  Either way, Tenkaragram is meant to be visual in nature, so no scraping Twitter or Facebook.  Sorry.

I'm not really looking control the content.  So somebody could Instagram a photo of a money riding on a pig, tag it #tenkara, and it'd show up...which could actually be fun.

You can't handle the amount of awesome in this photo

So if you're out tenkara-ing, or at the upcoming Summit or Jam, and happen to be Instagramming too... tag your photo with #tenkara.  Odds are, it'll show up HERE.

Note:  If the Instagram user is private, it will still display the posts, you just will not be able to see their picture if they have not already granted permission for you to follow them.  Privacy is a good thing.  :)

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