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Headed Home, Goodbye Colorado!

As you're reading this (if of course you're reading this on Monday), I'm probably en route to somewhere.  Breakfast.  The security line at the Denver airport.  Connecting in Charlotte.  Or my personal hope...that I'm in my car pulling out of the JAX airport parking lot headed home.

I probably need a day or two to decompress following an awesome long weekend in Colorado and and excellent Tenkara Summit.  Lots of superlatives, I know...  I'll just say I have lots of fodder for the blog, so stay tuned.  After laying dormant most of September, it may be en route to coming back to life.

In the meantime, I have posted some pics on Facebook & Instagram, so if you're interested, and haven't seen them already (I'd imagine most have), feel free to use the provided links to check them out.  The beauty of Colorado even makes my sub-par photography look good.


I soft launched a new blog/website yesterday called Tenkaragram.

So what's the purpose of Tenkaragram?  Really, nothing.  It's basically a blog that aggregates all of the Instagram posts that use the hashtag #tenkara.  It doesn't update instantaneously, but automatically sweeps Instagram from time to time and picks up and embeds the latest.

But T!, can't I just click on the hashtag #tenkara within Instagram and do the same thing?  Yeah, I suppose...different strokes for different folks.  Oh, I also have it set up to search Vimeo for new "tenkara" videos and embed them as well...although none have been posted since the launch.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm sure it'll blow things up.  Either way, Tenkaragram is meant to be visual in nature, so no scraping Twitter or Facebook.  Sorry.

I'm not really looking control the content.  So somebody could Instagram a photo of a money riding on a pig, tag it #tenkara, and it'd show up...which could ac…

Online Fly Fishing Video Statistics

I was curious...what are people watching online when it comes to fly fishing videos?
Now I don't mean full length feature videos, rather "shorts," "how tos," or even marketing materials from manufacturers or retailers.

Utilizing a very unscientific survey of YouTube, this is what I found.

Note:  I know a lot of the GoPro masses are now using Vimeo either in conjunction with, or totally in lieu of YouTube these days, but getting public stats from Vimeo is a bit of a dicey proposition as not all publishers make the information public...or you literally have to click through each individual video and keep a tally.  Forget that.

Catch Magazine

YouTube: 27 videos / 2,611,256 views = 96,713 views per videoSubscribers: 9,792Most Watched Video (below): 1,216,531+ views

Trout Unlimited

YouTube: 126 videos / 145,690 views = 1,156 views per videoSubscribers: 585Most Watched Video (below): 14,998+ views


YouTube: 50 videos / 3,488,374 views = 67,768 views per videoSubscrib…

Tying Some Fly Swap Flies

via Instagram

Partridge & Flash Inspiration

Read a great post over the weekend from Alan at Small Stream should really go read it when you get a chance.

He tied a 'Partridge & Flash' wet fly that looked really simple to tie, yet effective as all get out.  The post itself tells a great story in and around the tying & fishing of this fly.

Thought I'd tie a few of my own yesterday, except reverse the hackle and make them tenkara style kebari.  I also added a peacock herl collar, which is a typical feature on my tenkara flies.  As you can tell, I'm not much at the vise, I can tie about 6 patterns adequately, but these turned out okay despite the poorly focused picture below.

I really need to get better quality partridge, the feathers I have came in a fly tying kit from a few years back and are all nasty and full of fluff.  That said, I can't wait to give these a try once I get back on some trout water.  Maybe Colorado at the end of the month.

Did you tie or fish any different flies thi…

And So It Begins...

Happy Football Sunday.

Oops...I Was Hacked...

Going to reset my passwords today since I evidently got hacked this morning.

I guess the short list of celebrity hacks is now:

Jennifer LawrenceKate UptonTroutrageous!
If you happen to see any odder than normal posts from me of just links, don't click them until order is restored.


UPDATE:  Tracked it back to my Yahoo! Mail account, so if you received an email from me (hopefully it just went into your SPAM), open at your own risk.  Passwords updated.

Weekend Recap (In Pictures) That You've Probably Already Seen On Facebook Or Instagram...

Because I know you want to read all about MYLabor Day weekend too...

The wife & kid were out of town on Saturday and most of Sunday.  With no agenda other than making sure our newly "rescued" dog didn't use our carpets as a toilet, I had a little time to do some things on Saturday; such as clean up some unwashed dishes that were sitting in the kitchen sink and starting to smell, get my hair cut, and watch meaningless college football.  How about those Nittany Lions?

However, I did get a few fishing-centric activities in; the first being that I stopped by the Floodtide Festival at Blackfly Outfitter...

Afterward, I spent the rest of the evening downing a Jersey Mike's Sub and finished up my tenkara rod build.

Both were pretty fun, but the sub, hoagie tasted better.

On Sunday, I snuck out in the morning to try the tenkara rod out on some local bass...

Yes, I'm probably holding that second one "wrong" and it's jaw will never recover from being hel…