July 3, 2014

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

So it's time for tropical storms and hurricanes on the Atlantic coast.  Go Natural Disasters!  We don't really get hurricanes in Jacksonville, FL (I sooo jinxed that, better check on our flood insurance policy), but looks like the first tropical storm of the season is currently brewing off the coast.  His name is Arthur.

Now luckily, Dudley Moore is not supposed to make landfall at all, just stagger up the coast and maybe get the Carolinas and Virginia a bit wet for 4th of July.  Figures a Brit would come and try to piss in our Independence Day Cheerios.  Or, perhaps he'll pass out in his bubble bath and do absolutely nothing at all.

Regardless, I'm sure it won't stop people from making like Arthur and getting drunk (and offing a few fingers to a poorly handled M-80) on our nation's birthday.  Who knows...when was the last time the weatherfolks were right...?

Hey look, it just passed the house...

In case you were wondering...and I know you were...these are the names for this year's Atlantic Coast tropical storms/hurricanes:
  • Arthur
  • Bertha
  • Cristobal
  • Dolly
  • Edouard
  • Fay
  • Gonzalo
  • Hanna
  • Isaias
  • Josephine
  • Kyle
  • Laura
  • Marco
  • Nana
  • Omar
  • Paulette
  • Rene
  • Sally
  • Teddy
  • Vicky
  • Wilfred
Quite a bit of Latin flair if I do say so myself amigo.

Really looking forward to posting another animated GIF for #4...
(Of a Dolly Varden, of course...did you think I meant a different Dolly?)

Oh, and in other, non related natural disaster related news, Sharknado 2 will be released on July 30th on SyFy.  Epic fish porn.

And yes, that is Steve Sanders & Sugar Ray...the Lee Wulff & Lefty Kreh of bad science fiction films...


  1. There's something about watching someone getting attacked by a shark that people can't resist.

  2. Having been up close and personal with too many sharks, I think I'll pass on this one too.

  3. Jax is long overdue. You've assuredly jinxed the whole area haha