July 6, 2014

To GoPro, or Not To GoPro?

Shakespeare wrote that once upon a time, right?

I don't fancy myself a moviemaker.  Any 5 minute jaunt through my YouTube or Vimeo channels would confirm that.

I also can't help but notice all of the cool video that's being produced these days by the GoPro Army of fishermen.  Now I realize that getting a GoPro won't instantly turn one into the the next...well whomever...but you can't even try to make an omelette without eggs.  Well I guess you could use those weird "eggs" that come in milk cartons, but you know what I mean.

I've tinkered with some POV photography with my point and shoot camera which shoots somewhat serviceable video.  Even made this ridiculous hat cam mount...once upon a time...which does work, but is heavy on your head.

Anyway, I'm just talking aloud here, in the hopes that someone sets me straight in the comments below.  As I see it, these are the pros and cons of both:


  • I enjoy playing with electronics...(also shopping for a handheld GPS)
  • Headed out to Colorado for Tenkara Summit - great video opportunity
  • Other Outdoor Activities - Would compliment fishing kayak & bike nicely
  • Ability to get some good screen grabs for still photos


  • Who really enjoys editing video?
  • Do I really have to wear this thing strapped to my chest or my head?
  • Family Vacations - I would be that annoying guy
  • "Add Ons" will cost as much as the camera
  • It becomes a $400 paperweight

I will say I'm not planning getting any flying drone on which to mount said GoPro...at least this month anyway...


  1. I have a silver edition GoPro 3 and I often use it. It is an excellent device, very easy to use and very high image quality but there is a huge "con" in my opinion in the GoPro range of products: batteries.
    The batteries are very long to load and have a low autonomy. And they are really more expensive than what competitors offer.
    I hope this point to be improved in the future.

  2. My son bought one a year ago and we all enjoy the fly fishing videos he produces (shameless plug for the Troutdoors vimeo channel).

    In your hands and with your creatative genius, Mike, I envision the next fly fishing/kayaking/outdoor short video sensation. Something like a cross between Ivan Orsic and Hank Patterson.

    The downside is the major time suck added to your already busy life, but I'm sure you can find a way to fit video shooting and production into your lifestyle.

    Go (pro) for it!

  3. I have enough trouble getting a single snapshot to look good; never mind trying to put together a whole video.

  4. I'll have to wait until my current camera dies and then maybe some time for the wife to forget about "3" and then maybe a GoPro. As for the drone, as soon as you get one, people start throwing things at it. I'd pass until there are some kind of regulations. Too expensive for duck hunters to use for target practice.

  5. I would get one! I have the GoPro Hero 3 Black + and love it to death. I often use it as a regular point and shoot when fishing because it is so small and waterproof. You also get awesome video out of the little thing. You can mount that suck to anything for any angle you want (#kayakfishing). I like it and think you would too.

  6. Of all the recoding I've done, gopro or not, the best camera I have in terms of photo quality is my iPhone 4s. With a waterproof case, it is amazing. The benefit for me with the gopro is that I care less about it that the iPhone and therefore more willing to stick it places that are more precarious but gt better pics.

    That's not really advice but that's all I've got. Enjoy Colorado. I'm jealous as I'm sick of the sticky hot weather and could go for a cool mountain a breeze. Travel safely.