July 16, 2014

ICAST/IFTD 2014 - What Do You Want To See?

The ICAST/IFTD show starts today in Orlando.  I won't be there today, but will be tomorrow (Thursday).

Image liberated from FLW

Living in Jacksonville has a few perks, and depending on if you enjoy theme parks, proximity to Orlando is one.  It's a short 2 hour drive from my front door.  Plus, they have Wawas in Orlando.

I've never been to ICAST/IFTDA (separate or conjoined), but since I work in retail sales, I've been to trade shows like this (even at this venue) on far too many occasions as a "buyer," and am accustomed to having my time scheduled down to the minute with appointments, presentations, you name it.  However this time, I head to ICAST with no real agenda...just a "media" credential that I guess writing a suspect blog like this entitles you to.

So I'm going to ask you, my readers...what should I go seek out?  

I mean you can only read so many bloggers write about the newest YETI cooler, right?

Any new fishing products you want me to hunt down, be it fly, freshwater, saltwater, kayaks, packs, lures, electronics, rods, reels...any thing offbeat...you name it...?  I suppose everything is fair game at one of these, and I'm not exactly bashful.

Let me know in the comments below and I'll see what I can do.


  1. Great to hear your going! As a guide I'd love to see flies/Lures that help catch more fish and as casting instructor I'd love see any new teaching tools to help someone be a better caster. Have fun! I :-)

  2. I want you to wear a GoPro on your head as you walk through the vendors....I want it to be as if I am there too!!!

  3. I want you to find our next business opportunity, Mike. I'm getting tired of the enterprise/IT world.

  4. Looking forward to hearing about the show. I always like seeing the new flies, new tying material and new watercraft... Hope you have a great time

  5. Howard is on vacation this week. He says he is going fishing, but, I could see him perusing the isles at the big show!

    Oh, how about budget minded fly rods.......................................

  6. I want to know if that YETI is really worth it. And if they are giving away hats... = )

    1. It's worth every penny if you need a cooler to keep 1/8th pound of ice and three drinks cool for a week and a half. :) Where you been?

  7. All I want you to do is bring me back some free stuff since Mel stole my idea. I did go fishing today you old codger!