July 1, 2014

Challenge Accepted

I can't possibly love this kid any more.

After Sunday night's rare fishing outing, she drew this...as part of a poster she called "THE BEST SUMMER EVER."  Notice the fly.  Notice there's no reel.  She's been brainwashed good.

Then things got serious.

During dinner last night she decided to tell me that she wanted to go fishing again...however she was going to challenge me to a competition to see who could catch the biggest fish.  What an unexpected turn of events.

Her master plan was going to put "bait" on her fly, so she promptly grabbed a leftover hot dog bun from the kitchen (she eats hot dogs, but not the buns, so we always have extra).  She also wanted to use the purple tenkara rod, because it's...well...purple.  Duh.

Once we got to the water and she started plucking out bluegill after bluegill with bread flies, our "biggest fish" contest quickly changed courses into a "most fish" contest.

You probably already figured out who won, 5-1.
To be fair, it's tough to catch fish when you are continuously unhooking hers.
Takes after her mom, won't touch the fish.  That'll have to change.

A solo shot with Sato in the bottom of the ninth saved Dad from being shutout.

Not sure how long I can milk this for...but I'm going to give it my best shot!


  1. That's awesome. Even when you lose the competition, you win!

  2. haha great post and send me info on this pink tenkara rod. Might be a neat present for my little girl.

  3. Enjoy it and love the moments for now. Who knows, you may be working on another River Damsel.....

  4. Epic, can't wait until my little girl is old enough for that!

  5. It doesn't get any better than that.

  6. Great evening and what a blessing of a daughter you have.

  7. Like Candid Camera, "When you least expect it".

  8. Michael
    I love this post, you guys enjoy the moment----thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks all, her little competitive streak was pretty surprising...but funny at the same time. Must get it from her mother...