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Auto Share From Instagram To Your Blogger Blog

Blogger blogs don't get a lot of love from the widget, or plug-in community.  It's probably rightfully so, considering WordPress is really what most would consider the "world class" open-source blogging platform...and well...Blogger works mostly within Google's gated walls.  That noted, I still run a Blogger blog, and I know many of you do as well.

I recently decided to try using Instagram a little bit more.  Many of you who do use Instagram (far more than I do) passively integrate your Instagram photos into your blog by embedding a widget in your blog's sidebar, creating a "slideshow" or "filmstrip," but there's no true way within the Instagram social sharing interface to get your pictures to publish as a Blogger blog post.  You can share/post them to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, etc...just not Blogger.

I happened to find a workaround yesterday that I thought I'd share that is run through a service called  It …

Shake n' Bake Test

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Perhaps The Last IG To Blog Test

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Yet Another IG To Blog Test...

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Testing Instagram to Blogger Connectivity

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ICAST / IFTD 2014 - BesT! In Show Award

There's a lot of stuff at a trade show like ICAST / IFTD.  So much stuff, you can't even scratch the surface of all of the gear that's on display, let alone go out and try to see it all.  My tactic for the show was to find a showstopper, something that'd make you go hmmm...  Something you just wouldn't expect at all.  One booth did genuinely surprise, and has earned my BesT! in Show for 2014.

When I say the name Hodgman, what do you think of?

Flattering rubber hip boots?

Slimming neoprenes?

Hopefully not THIS?
Note, probably NSFW...or any circumstance...EVER!
Damn you Google image search!

Well, good ol' crusty Hodgman went and totally blew up all of the geriatric stereotypes with massive amounts of sonic welding, honeycomb patterns, and Gothic fonts in a top to bottom re-branding effort.  I present to you the Hodgman Aesis Sonic Stocking Foot Waders!

Now I know what you're going to say...Troutrageous Mike, why are you so witty and ruggedly handsome I thought t…

ICAST / IFTD 2014 - Everything Else & More!

Okay, this is going to be my last large ICAST / IFTD recap post.  (Thank the Lord above, right?)

I could go on for weeks and weeks with all the stuff that was at the show, but I'm going to cram all of the odds and ends that I didn't already cover into today's post.  Again, I'm sticking to the theme of the generally underpublicized brands...since you'll likely see marketing for all the big guys in a fishing magazine near you in the not too distant future.

With that, here we go...


I have to admit, I'm drawn in by these rods.  Clutch also happened to have a prime booth location right next to the casting pond (good move).  The rod I had my eye on was the saltwater model, the Archipelago.

Clutch fly rods are handmade in the USA and geared toward a specific function.  In other words, they don't try to adapt the taper used on their 7 weight to their 10 weight.  All rods are individual designed, a tool for every job.

The 8 weight Archipela…

ICAST / IFTD 2014 - Tenkara Tuesday

So you know I couldn't go to ICAST / IFTD and not look for some tenkara stuff, right?  And today's, well, welcome to Tenkara Tuesday, ICAST edition.

Tenkara USA and the Tenkara Rod Co. were both at the show.  Actually, their booths were almost directly across from each other.  There weren't any other tenkara-specific companies present, but TFO had a booth, as did Patagonia.  While I didn't see the "Simple Fly Fishing" gear in the Patagonia booth, I did spy the 3 tenkara rods over at TFO...but more on that in a bit.


First stop was the Tenkara USA booth.  Daniel, TJ, & John were manning the booth, and Faith was there womaning(?) it as well.  It was good to see them again, I had met most of them at previous customer-facing fishing shows, as well as at the last two Tenkara Summits.  They were all in good cheer, as they had a new, much larger booth, and the prior night the movie Blood Knot had taken the award for best film at The Drake …

ICAST / IFTD 2014 - Reels In Review

Before I begin, I didn't spend too much time seeking out fishing reels at the show.  I personally have settled into a pretty spartan reel the fact that I prefer either click & pawl reels...or no reels at all (in the case of tenkara).

That said, since I do try to fish for larger fish every now and then, so I do understand the need for a solidly built reel with a good drag system.  My current fly reel of choice is the Cheeky Mojo 425, but there were plenty of others on when it came to seeking out fly reels I generally strayed away from the big boys like Orvis, Sage, Abel, etc...and visited some smaller players you may (or may not) already be familiar with, such as...

To me, this was the reel of the show.  Maybe it's the fact that it's British designed and made, maybe it's the fact that it appears totally bombproof, or maybe it's the fact that Shaun, who walked me through the reel from top to bottom, really …