June 30, 2014

The Great Indoors

She hates the heat, hates bugs, hates getting dirty.  

I think she's afraid to ride her bike.  Seriously.

She loves being around her Dad, but it's tough to get her to go outside.

Perhaps if she had friends in the neighborhood.

She'd rather draw, read, watch TV, or play video games.   Maybe not exactly in that order.  

She loves the "Great Indoors." 

So moments like these are extra special.  I'll take them when I can get them.

Little fish.  Big smiles.

(Did I mention she's also now aware that Dad posts pictures of her on his website?  
We'll see how long this lasts...)


  1. Enjoy this while you can! Went through same thing with Sam,everything you listed,plus add her being super shy. EXCEPT till she was 14.5 years old,I could not go most anywhere without her right on my heels. Especially fishing and going to the fire station. Soon as grabbed my fishing gear she was at the door,ready to,as she put it "kick butt" on the water. She did have one younger friend on the block. Remember,your her hero! Take her everywhere you can, They grow up so fast,believe me! I so long for the days,of old,when I would say,I'm going fishing,and suddenly a blurr would appear,asking where WE were going

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes it feels like a battle to get them outside! Enjoy it while you can. They grow up fast.

  3. Don''t think it's a lost cause. My wife is the same way. She has had little or no interest in anything outside for most of her life. ( I tell her that it's her only flaw. :) ) However, just a month or so ago she looked at me while riding in the car going somewhere and said " You know, I really like being outside alot more than I used to." I 'bout ran off the road. :) So it may come and go, or it may just go, or it may develop later on.....but the main thing is appreciating her for who she is, no matter what she likes to do most. ( I know you know that, but I was on a roll. :) LOL )

  4. Go Lilly! Treasure the minutes and hours, Michael, she appears to be having some fun with Tenkara. My Grandkids, for the most part, can't get too far from Facebook. Damn tragedy as far as I am concerned.

  5. Miss Lilly is surely growing up and for a little while anyway, her dad is her hero. Wait a few more years.

  6. Thanks guys. I love spending time with her. That it's fishing is just a bonus. No fishing tonight...we built lego monsters.