June 26, 2014

Kickstarter - The Pocket Reel

Tenkara eliminated the reel from fishing, now The Pocket Reel seeks to eliminate the rod!

No, this isn't "simple" spin casting, but rather a slimmed down fishing outfit that is good for the survivalist hidden inside of you.  (Think Altoids tin crammed full of band aids and water proof matches).

Well this happens to be a plastic tube that holds a bunch of fishing goodies - bobbers, hooks, lures, on the inside - but is also able to shoot line.  A simple hand-wind brings your lure or bait, and hopefully a fish, to hand.

Oh, and did I mention it floats?

Help Kickstart the Pocket Reel HERE.
With 16 days to go it's almost 90% funded.


  1. I'd have to change the color of the lures and the size of the hooks. Oh, and your dentist appointment. The only way I can see to put the split shot on and off your line is with your teeth. Might need to move the appointment up.

  2. Where will technology take us to next in the crazy world of fishing? Who ever heard of a fishing rod that hung from your lanyard?