June in Florida in Pictures

I've officially been a Floridian for a year.  Check that, I'm just a transplanted Yankee, but I've now lived in Florida for a year.  While I missed most of the month of June last year, after the past 29 days I've found the weather pattern to be pretty predictable.


Oh, it's far to hot too get out of bed...



Early evening...

Daily lightning Armageddon


Oh, it's finally under 100 degrees, maybe I'll try fishing in the last hour of daylight...

5 Minutes Later...

F*CK, here come the mosquitoes...

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I suppose being able to fish in the winters without wearing some trendy Nano-Puff jacket make up for it.  (Even though once it gets below 85 degrees down here people break them out anyway...)

You know about Gore-Tex?


  1. Florida sounds horrible......lol

    Although fishing for bass year round sounds awesome......give and take

  2. Originally from NYC and lived in the Tampa area for 22 years. This is 100% accurate. LOL

  3. I spent a year down in Florida one week. The temperature dropped below 100 and everyone turned their heat on and wore Winter coats. Great post Mike.

  4. The allure of tarpon would defiantly make me forget about all of Florida's weather. The tug is the drug, and this junkie yank is jealous. Get some deet and bow to the poon!!!

  5. OK, so I don't miss Florida as much as I thought. The Seinfeld topped off your post perfectly.

  6. Funny how when you are younger, you could not get enough sunshine, sun tan, and heat. Loved it....
    Now, once the temperature gauge hit's 90 I have had it for the time being. I would not be a good Floridian.

  7. Aww when young,I adored the weather down south,I was(in the dark ages) stationed at Hunter AAF,Ga. I adored the weather,considering I had just left a 2 year tour in Anchorage! Though it did not rain/storm very much after the month of may. Ya want brutal,go to Eglin AFB on the panhandle in early august! EEEK gads,made Hunter feel like the artic!


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