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The Great Indoors

She hates the heat, hates bugs, hates getting dirty.  
I think she's afraid to ride her bike.  Seriously.
She loves being around her Dad, but it's tough to get her to go outside.
Perhaps if she had friends in the neighborhood.
She'd rather draw, read, watch TV, or play video games.   Maybe not exactly in that order.  
She loves the "Great Indoors." 
So moments like these are extra special.  I'll take them when I can get them.

Little fish.  Big smiles.
(Did I mention she's also now aware that Dad posts pictures of her on his website?   We'll see how long this lasts...)

June in Florida in Pictures

I've officially been a Floridian for a year.  Check that, I'm just a transplanted Yankee, but I've now lived in Florida for a year.  While I missed most of the month of June last year, after the past 29 days I've found the weather pattern to be pretty predictable.


Early evening...


5 Minutes Later...

Lather, rinse, repeat.
I suppose being able to fish in the winters without wearing some trendy Nano-Puff jacket make up for it.  (Even though once it gets below 85 degrees down here people break them out anyway...)
You know about Gore-Tex?

What To Do With A Floundering Blog...

Re-read some old blog posts last night. 2010, 2011, even some of 2012 were actually pretty good if I were to toot my own horn.
Almost daily updates, primarily original content, bad photoshops, silly YouTube videos, chock full of pop culture references, oh, and was awesomesauce.
What the heck happened?
"Malaise" is not really a word I use...because it's fancy, but it's probably the best adjective for this site over the past 2 years.

I've noticed this blog has morphed into some sort of lackluster "fishing report" / tenkara-fetish site. I mean really, just tell me to knock it off about tenkara already...
In all, a very strange turn of events for the dude who was tossing Panther Martins at stocked trout while wearing rubber hip waders only a few short years ago.
So I'm going to give some thought over the next few days to how resurrect this sucker.   Not exactly sure what that means, but I do know three things this blog will not become in fut…

Kickstarter - The Pocket Reel

Tenkara eliminated the reel from fishing, now The Pocket Reel seeks to eliminate the rod!

No, this isn't "simple" spin casting, but rather a slimmed down fishing outfit that is good for the survivalist hidden inside of you.  (Think Altoids tin crammed full of band aids and water proof matches).

Well this happens to be a plastic tube that holds a bunch of fishing goodies - bobbers, hooks, lures, on the inside - but is also able to shoot line.  A simple hand-wind brings your lure or bait, and hopefully a fish, to hand.

Oh, and did I mention it floats?

Help Kickstart the Pocket Reel HERE.
With 16 days to go it's almost 90% funded.

What's New In Tenkara Gear

The cool thing about the tenkara scene is that new things keep popping up on an almost daily basis...especially when it comes to gear...which one might call somewhat ironic because it's the simplicity that draws a lot of people in.  5 years ago, you could only find a handful of rods.  Today, the cup runneth over!

With that, here are some developments and new releases in tenkara gear in recent weeks...mostly new products...but some you may already be familiar with.

Tenkara Rod Co.

The Tenkara Rod Co. made two new rods available for sale on their website the other day, the 8' Cascade and the 13' Owyhee.  Made to compliment the popular Teton and Sawtooth models, these rods can be bought individually, or as part of kits (with other goodies like lines, flies, etc...)

Streamside Leaders

Streamside Leaders, a company that has long been supplying the tenkara market with furled lines, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch a line of tenkara rods as well.  Targeted at the "…

Oh, So I Was In Vero Beach Last Week...

...and didn't catch any fish.

But that's OK, I didn't try especially hard.

The Mrs. & I spent an adults only retreat in Vero Beach last week.  She nabbed some deal on Travelzoo or Travelocity or Groupon or somewhere like that for a few nights at the ever so swanky Vero Beach Hotel & Spa.

While the hotel was very nice, we had no idea the part of Vero Beach we were staying in was really, really quiet and probably more aligned to the AARP crowd (no offense to my older readers).  As such, it pretty much shuts down daily at 4PM.  Oh well...nothing wrong with eating dinner at 2:30 I guess...

I do have to admit, the old folk hotel bar scene is pretty interesting to observe.  Abundant "Golden Girls" all Jean Nate'd up, tossing back vodka after vodka on the rocks.  If I wasn't happily married, I soooo could have gotten lucky.  I actually hope they made it back to their rooms okay, because you know what happens if they fall and break a hip...

I think the …

Tenkara Tuesday - Vagabox Does Florida

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

Vagabox arrived yesterday.  I had (somewhat intentionally) steered clear of this character of ill repute for quite some time, however I'm sort of freaked out happy to report that he's going to be residing just south of Jacksonville until the end of June.

Don't know of the Vagabox?  No, it's not THIS.  Allow me to explain.

The Backstory

Since May of 2012 a fly box without a home has been roaming the country from tenkara angler to tenkara angler.  In addition to their hospitality, each recipient commits to fishing the flies contained within without reservation, chronicling their time with this unseemly interloper, and feeding him a few flies of their own recipe until ready to pass along to the next foster family.

The Flies

As you can see, Vagabox has seen some good times.  Especially out West.  In his current state, two years since he chose the transient lifestyle, he's acquired lots of flies of all shapes, sorts, and sizes.

He's hones…

Fly Fishing In The Surf: Baby Steps

I wanted to take the kayak down to Mosquito Lagoon on Sunday.  However there was a threat of rain, and you don't mess with boats and rain in Florida.  I don't even live in South Florida, but the rain can be off the hook crazy here.  Especially when lightning is involved.  So screw that.  Instead I figured I'd go somewhere that I could wade and fish, and escape somewhat quickly, should the skies begin to unleash their fury.

Moving south from the outing a few weeks ago at Crescent Beach, I decided to take a trip down to New Smyrna Beach, just below Daytona.  It's been really enjoyable checking out the different beaches in Florida, not just as fishing spots, but recreational destinations, as each have their own unique characteristics.  

Base camp was Smyrna Dunes Park, at the bottom end of the Ponce de Leon Inlet.  It's a very dog friendly beach that offers (extremely popular & crowded) jetties to fish off of as well as a large sand bar to wade out onto.  It'…

New Tenkara USA Website Launches

Looks like the new Tenkara USA website has launched...

Big pictures and fonts, integration of video, and a new shopping format create a pretty unique experience that is a far departure from the original, static website they've used for the last few years.  It's also a responsive design, so it displays well on all formats of consumption - desktop, tablet, or smartphone.  I'm all for change, and even though I'm probably biased since I love tenkara and anything online that's bold and media-rich, I think this is a positive (and overdue) update.

Per the press release:
Daniel Galhardo, founder of Tenkara USA, says, “The web has evolved since we started the company in 2009, and there are many new tools to help us effectively tell the story we’re trying to share. It was time to invest in a new platform to share the great amount of content we have created over the years. I think this may be one of the best examples in content marketing available anywhere.”The new Tenkara USA…