May 19, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

While I didn't have the most successful weekend from a fish catching standpoint, I did manage get out for a little bit on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Saturday morning consisted of putting the kayak in at Trout Creek in Orangdale.  I didn't realize how crowded that feeder creek to the St. John's River got during the weekends.  Everybody seemed to be out in their party barges and bass boats.  Besides all of the fishing traffic, (a Ranger or Skeeter picking the weeds every 20 feet), I kind of got pushed around a bit by all of the motorboats' wakes; not too bad, but just enough to be annoying.  Probably won't go back there on a weekend with the intent of fishing.  Lesson learned.

Sunday was a trip down to Crescent Beach...actually the Matanzas inlet for about 2 hours.  This was purely a reconnaissance mission.  I did toss a fly or two, just to preserve my saltwater skunk going back to last October. That aside, I'm glad I went.

I hung out on the strip of land that divides the Inlet from the intercoastal/Matanzas River, but there was action going on both sides.  Looks like a place where both fishing and family fun can take place, as even though the pictures below don't look all that crowded, there were a TON of folks kayaking, paddleboarding, jetskiing (which was a little annoying), and just playing in the water.  Due to all of the action, might be better for actual fishing in the morning, but regardless, it was worth the 40 minute drive south to check out.

American Gopher Tortoise

Maybe next time there'll even be a picture or two of a fish.
You never know...


  1. Hey Mike. About a year or two ago, Dave Knapp (Trout Zone) went down to Fla. and it seemed he caught a fish every cast (he's a fisherman remember), but I don't have any idea what fly he used. Maybe he can shed some light on the subject. Might help. Thanks for the tour.

  2. At least you're getting out and exploring. Have to give you credit for that.

  3. The brown roof in that 2nd pic is where we spent our vacation two years ago. Do NOT eat at the place across the street from it. nasty food. horrible. :) Nice pics! I love that one in the canal like thing with all the green floating stuff. :) (technical terms)

  4. First off, I love the kayak. I may have to splurge one of these days before I get too old. It takes some guts to get out among the big boy boats, I'll give you that.

  5. First off, Michael, thanks for sharing some of the beauty that Florida brings to those who live there or come to visit. I imagine it is pretty overwhelming trying to learn new waters, new fish species, and getting practice in the kayak too, Explore on, my friend.

  6. Nice photos! I'm not feeling so bad for you anymore... haha. Looks warm... I love torts... they are way cool.

  7. We get pushed around by the big boats all the time. It is VERY annoying, but the rewards of fishing from kayak make it all worth it in the end. Cool that you got to see a Gopher Tortoise out and about.