May 28, 2014

BoardLove & BlogLove: Tidal Roots & Pocket Water

Stumbled upon a few things online that I thought were worth mentioning here...because I'm quickly becoming a fan of both.


The first is a new stand-up paddleboard (SUP) company called Tidal Roots.  What sets Tidal Roots apart from the other SUP companies I've highlighted here from time to time?  How about the fact that these boards are sustainably built in Maine out of...wood.  Gorgeous wood at that.

But these boards aren't just for looking at, they're made for fishing...inspired by the founders' quest to find a better way to chase striped bass on the local mud flats.

Did I mention they're gorgeous?

Check them on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, or of course, their website.


Next is a little bit of blog love for a blog called Pocket Water.  A site about "Fly Fishing and Tenkara trip reports, videos, photography, and art," but is really much more.

I quickly found myself drawn in by the somewhat unique layout, as well as the stunning photos.  It's all really well executed, and I look forward to reading more from this blog in the future.  I think you will too.

P.S., don't skip the post on tenkara unicorns.  It's not what you think...


  1. We used to call them Ballyhoo. Surprised you haven't run into them yet.

    1. Ballyhoo? No, not yet. Saltwater fish go the other way when I'm around.

  2. You are most definitely into the paddling scene now... I would have a hard time putting something that exquisite in the water, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

    1. "Into" yes, but not in it yet. The kayak is sweet, but I really want an SUP. They're just not cheap...and I am.