April 4, 2014

Introducing Eddie Bauer Sport Shop Fishing

Got the email introducing the Eddie Bauer Sport Shop Fishing line to its customers today.  It wasn't a surprise, as there's been quite a bit of press about it in recent weeks, as well as a lot of serious fisherfolk pulled into the fold to insure its authenticity.

While I've always been an L.L. Bean guy, I absolutely love EB's wrinkle-free dress shirts for work and Travex camp shirts for play.  I think I wear one or the other to work pretty much every day...so it'll be nice to maybe be able look at some fishing apparel in the same shopping trip in the future.

Yeah, people are going to poo-poo it (because that's what us fly fishermen do to pretty much everything new because it's either too "poser," too expensive, or whatever...), but I think it's at least worth checking out...

The "Shop Now" Buttons Don't Work in the Image.  Click HERE to see products.


  1. Considering they started as a real sporting goods store and then found they could make more money just selling "outdoor" clothes and then discovered "fashion" (really more fad-like) clothes it will be interesting to see if they make the journey all the way back to include real sporting goods or just the sporting trinkets they have now...

  2. I agree with Brian. I think most companies now are grasping at straws, trying to find some traction in this economy. On the bright side, there's an outlet store near me and maybe some of this stuff will find it's way there in a year or so!? :)