April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday Rises

Posted a couple of these pictures in some Facebook groups yesterday...but what the heck, figured I'd put them on the Mothership too.  Weekend weather has been really "iffy" to say the least the past few weeks, but I did sneak out for a few hours on Easter Sunday.  Didn't find any eggs, but did find some bass and bluegills.  They were a little sluggish in the cooler weather, but still generally happy to rise to a well placed fly.

Sadly, didn't bring the best fighting fish to hand.  Had a bass on that put a really deep bend in the Tenkara USA Sato.  It was making the pulled taut level line vibrate and sing like a violin string.  (If you've had a large fish on a level line, you probably know what I mean.)  But after a three or four minute fight it went right into some thick weeds and other pond muck getting all kinds of snagged up...until the tippet popped while I tried to horse it out.  Better broken tippet than a rod tip.  It happens.


  1. You are busy convincing me that Tenkara is an effective way to fish for Bass and Bluegill. Darn you, Michael.

    1. Efffective, yes, optimal, maybe not. At least for bass. I don't like fishing streamers on a tenkara rod, so situations where they may come into play...go with the fly rod!

  2. Those are some hefty Bass on a Tenkara. Gets me all warm and fuzzy thinking about it.

  3. Those FL bass are really gonna test your Tenkara. Nice fish!

  4. I was wondering how Tenkara would do for bass fishing...now I know.

  5. Very nice bass Mike! I went down to my local bass/bluegill pond with my Yamame this past weekend....absolutely nothing. Guess I will have to wait for a few more weeks of warmer weather.