March 7, 2014

The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak - Part 6

The latest installment of the "Quest" series the brand new Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 12...a sort of hybrid between a canoe and kayak, and an update to the original, and wildly successful Ultimate.  It's probably fitting that this boat be highlighted, considering these posts are called "The Quest For The Ultimate Fly Fishing Kayak"...

Image lifted from the Native FB Page

As you'll see in the video below, there are a lot of thoughtful upgrades in the Ultimate FX 12, including the improved adjustable seat, more attachment points, and a bungee reinforced anchor trolley that comes standard with the boat.  This kayak looks incredibly stable and appears to have a nice wide deck for those that may want to stand up to paddle and/or cast.  Plus the boat weighs almost 20 pounds less than my Native Slayer 12...

Stats (From Native website)
Length: 12' 2" (370 cm.)
Width: 30.5" (77.5 cm.)
Weight : 57lbs (26 kg) fully rigged
Capacity: 350 lbs (158.8 kg)

I currently hold no association with Native Watersports, this post simply highlights product(s) of interest for those seeking a kayak for fly fishing.  That said, I do own a Native Slayer 12.

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  1. At 57 lbs. this one looks like a great solo boat. If I could buy two kayaks, I'm betting my one-seater would be this one...saw it in person when we visited the factory/offices last spring - at least I think we saw this one - and some new protoype boats they still haven't released yet. I really like their boats.Not a big fan of having to move the seat to get to your cooler - but then, no boat is perfect. I really like the cross-bars for mounting stuff, too. Nice boat. [deleted cuz there ain't no edit!]