March 17, 2014

Phew, That Was A Close One - Another Last Minute Salvation

Is it me, or do a lot of fisherpeople in fishing videos, DVDs, TV Shows, etc...always seem to get bailed out by the last minute stroke of luck?  Fitting being St. Patrick's Day, right?

It's just something I've noticed.  Reared its head in the first installment of GEOBASS...which is pretty awesome by the way...check it out below...

Backs against the wall, and no fortune catching big fish for days, with mere hours before the unthinkable happens to our heroes (in this case death by Colombian cocaine lords, yikes!), monster fish start coming to hand in a rapid fire cadence.

Makes one wonder how much editing takes place in the interest of creating a good story.  And honestly, I'm not even doubting the GEOBASS guys' timelines.  They are just the latest - it seems to happen frequently.  Maybe I just used to watch too much River Monsters...where good ol' Jeremy found his beast in the last 5 minutes of EVERY show.

Either way, people love that kind of stuff, especially sports's akin to the walk off home run, the buzzer beating jump shot, or the "Hail Mary" touchdown throw.

doug flutie hail mary throw boston college miami

Anyway, just an observation...and let's be honest, one that I'm banking on damn better be coming true for me.  See, I've got two days left of a mini vacation that I'd hoped to wet a line on.  Haven't fished at all yet and with today most likely being a washout due to bad weather (not a drug cartel), time is running out!


  1. I'm sure there was some creative editing done. You have to really question the breaking 40lb line and being over powered with a 10wt.

    1. Yeah, I'm not one to doubt anyone's story. It just happens too often. BTW, I hope to someday be overpowered while swinging a 10 weight with 40 lb test.