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A Plea For Help - Save Our Wild Puffer Balls!

The wild puffer ball.  A unassuming creature, one that has joyfully entertained children for years with its googly eyes, squishy body, and unique ability to transform shape when handled.

Unfortunately, the wild puffer ball has not fared so well in recent years.  Fly fishermen have taken to retail store shelves and purchased untold quantities of wild puffers, with the sole intention of harvesting their tentacles for fly tying materials.  As recently as yesterday, a post by angler and guide Kent Klewein on the popular fly fishing blog Gink & Gasoline preached the virtues of puffer ball tentacles in fly tying, adding yet another example of the harmful use of wild puffer balls that had previously been running rampant on underground social media outlets such as forums, Facebook, and Instagram.

Collapsing Populations

As a result of this fly fishing subculture, wild puffer ball populations have collapsed to all time record lows.  The chart below shows steady population levels among wild…

The Opening Day of Trout Season Retrospective Post - aka The 2014 Opener That Wasn't

Today is opening day of trout season in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania actually has two opening days, one for the Southeast, and one for the rest of the state...further proof that Southeastern PA and South Jersey should secede from their respective states, absorb Delaware and become the new state of Rendellphia, but I digress...

This is the first year in quite a few that I won't be making the opening day of Pennsylvania trout season.  Makes me a little sad...not because the fishing is epic or anything (I prefer an 8" wild trout to a 18" stocked trout any day), I just miss the theatrics...the shoulder to shoulder fishing, the anticipation of an imaginary 8AM alarm to toss in the first line, and the eavesdropping while your neighbors debate the merits of wax worms vs. Powerbait vs. corn niblets...  It's akin to being at a very public place - airport, restaurant, etc... and just "people watching."  Yeah, I sound a bit snobby, but even I leave the fly…

Fishing For Groups on Facebook

Having "blogger's block" sucks.  I really don't have much to write, haven't all week, I'm just tired of seeing that last Bassmaster post sit stagnant on my blog.

Since I don't have much to say, perhaps I can send you to the Bass on the Fly group page on Facebook.  It's an "open" group, so anyone can check it out.  It's worth stopping by, there's some pretty rad stuff being posted there, although not so much by me (yet).

Or... I guess you could always come visit my lame Florida Tenkara Anglers group page.  We're 23 members strong!  I'll have to approve your membership though...gotta keep out the riffraff.  Although honestly, you might want to visit Appalachian Tenkara Anglers's far superior...and not all banjos and canoes like you'd think...

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, I hope you all get out and get into some fish!  Looks like rain on Saturday with a nicer Sunday here in NE that'll probabl…

A Fly Guy Lost In a BASS World

Really...what sort of redneck goes to a B.A.S.S. tournament?  I guess I do...

Found out last week that the Bassmaster Elite Series was making a stop about 40 minutes from my house down in Palatka, Florida.  With the Saturday weigh-in scheduled for 4 PM, I took the opportunity after lunch yesterday to run down and see what one of these are all about.  Anybody who knows me knows I'm willing to try just about anything's too short to "poo-poo" things due to preconceived notions.
Riverfront Park in Palatka is pretty nice.  There is not really a whole lot going on in that part of Florida, actually what looks like a lot of farmland in the surrounding areas, but the marina was gorgeous, they really did it up nice.

Plus, pretty much every angler's truck and trailer was parked in the field on the grounds.  That was a sight to see.  Reminded me of walking around the garage area of a NASCAR race.  BASS...NASCAR...uh, what am I turning into?

There was a little exp…

My Last Rod, Until The Next One...

I like tenkara, but it's damn hard not to like rods with reels too...

Silver Ghost 6-weight outfit from L.L. Bean.
It was too hard to pass up the recent 20% off sale, especially when you have an obsession.
I'm not ashamed to admit it, she's a pretty girl.  Can't wait to fool around.

Hundreds Of Dollars For A Cane Pole?

For better or worse, I write a lot about tenkara here.  With over 170 posts, this may be one of the handful of blogs (tenkara-specific or not) that has written that much about the subject to date.  So as a follower of this blog, you likely know what tenkara is by now.  Actually, thanks to a lot of grassroots marketing and growing industry acceptance, the larger angling community is learning what tenkara is as well...although whether or not they approve of it is an entirely different issue.

Well, where I live in Florida, tenkara isn't really that well known.  Heck, there's not really even a strong fly fishing culture.  A few people chase redfish on the fly, but largely if you're not offshore in a boat, you're probably fishing bait off of a bridge...which is perfectly fine.  I'm no fly fishing snob.

So imagine my surprise when in this month's issue of a popular print fishing magazine tenkara was actually mentioned.  Unfortunately, it was dumbed down to readers a…