February 26, 2014

Wednesday Nibbles - The FU February Edition

I'm just going to come out and say it, February as a month kind of sucks...and I don't even mind Valentine's Day.  For whatever the reason, February possesses the power to rob me of all creative juices - hence if you check my monthly post tallies in the Archives over in the right sidebar, February's totals are always among, if not THE, lowest of the year.  So I figured I'd combat writer's block by resorting to an old standby, Wednesday Nibbles, so enjoy...or not...whatever...

I ditched the Mangrove.  The rod gave me fits so I figured I'd try an ECHO3 Saltwater model from Echo Fly Rods.  The specs were good, the price was right (thanks eBay) and heck, it's just fun to try something else...especially if you're not keen on what you've got.  Hat tip to Carp on the Fly.  If nothing else they seem durable (peep the video below), which was an issue with my previous 8-weights.  I'll (hopefully) give it a good workout during Lilly's spring break on our mini-vacation to Clearwater Beach.

If all goes well, I might try an ECHO glass rod in a lighter weight as well.  Damn that Cameron Mortenson...but I could just watch this video over and over and over.  One might say it's "superfine," but let's not confuse the two rods.

Why no L.L. Bean the perceptive reader might ask?  Because they have an annual fishing gear sale that corresponds to the beginning of trout season in another month or two and I needed an upgrade before then.  Any purchases with the Bean will need to wait until the 20% off thing they do.  I may like to buy stuff, but I try to be frugal.  I'm thinking of selling one of my 3-weights to bankroll that Pocket Water Bean rod...anyway...

Holy crap.  Yeah, did you see Taco Bell is going to start serving breakfast?  While this concept goes against the calorie counting that I've been doing since the holidays...their main menu item is just about enough to make you say "screw it, and my cholesterol."  As such, I present the Waffle Taco in all of its scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage (or bacon), and syrup wrapped in a waffle glory...

I was always partial to the old school Egg McMuffin, but nothing says "opening day of trout season" like a Taco Bell waffle taco...  Side note, the Philadelphia Phillies' minor league team in Allentown updated their logo to be a strip of bacon this week.  Inspiring.

Speaking of over the top, what is the deal with this trend of folks tying these obnoxiously ginormous streamers and posting them on the social interwebs?  Maybe I just have dubious Facebook acquaintances, but all I see are folks lashing together parts of chickens, rabbits, heck probably even pandas (and hopefully cats) to 8 inch long hooks and applying liberal amounts of Fish Skullz and Clear Cure Goo.  Articulated, of course.  Perhaps it's in preparation to combat Godzilla this summer.  I guess I get it, big flies catch big fish...at least I think that's the idea.  I wouldn't know anything about big fish.

A fairly tame example lifted from Nomad Anglers

I probably shouldn't knock it because tying these monstrosities is plenty more manly on many levels than tying petite reverse hackle kebari.  Heck, if the name of your fly ends in the letter i, it's kind of effeminate by default, it might as well be called Tutti Frutti...

Yes they are...

Did you watch the Olympics?  I won't pick on Bob Costas, he's received enough grief for coming to work sick...  I also won't pick on the US Hockey team for pretty much mailing in the bronze medal game.  What I will say is Snowboard cross is by far my new favorite sport.  Racing, crashing, racing, and even more crashing.  I could watch this over and over and over again...kind of like when I'm flipping through the channels and stop in my tracks each and every time I notice that Gladiator is on.  (MAXIMUS!)

To close it out, time for some blog love.  My blogroll has gone through some updates recently, in with the new, out with the old and non-updating.  With that, three blogs worth your time checking out are The Rogue Outdoors, The Barbless Angler, and Low Gap Creek.

The first one is a multi-interest blog, one of those interests being adventures in herping.  I had no idea what herping was, but fortunately it does not involve venereal diseases.

Herping...courtesy The Rogue Outdoors

The second blog is about a dude who fishes and ties some really sweet flies.  I get lost in the pictures, I wish I could tie like that.  Oh, and I guess the last blog is the latest creation of that Owl guy.  At least for this week.  I mean just when you think he's finally gone...

So do yourself a favor and check 'em out!  Post annoying comments in their blog posts while you're at it.  It's fun.  Blame me, it's all good.


  1. Thanks for attempting to lift us out of our winter doldrums. I'll admit to being one of those giant fly converts- it's nice to be able to see what I'm tying for a change. Now if I could just get one of those muskie to actually eat. The odd by-product of throwing those flies besides a torn rotator cuff, is that big smallmouth eat them too even though they are roughly the same size.

    It was great to see another Nibbles. I'm still hoarding my Coffee.

  2. I usually post more in Jan and Feb. I think to psych myself up for fishing in the spring. I notice the summer months I hardly post at all. I must be out fishing.

  3. Sorry....did you post something?? All I saw was a waffle taco with my name all over it!!

  4. This is your best post all year. ;)

  5. He says "Smooth butt" in the video. Ha.

  6. Yuki's daughter, Marisa is a Herpetologist. I call her "Snake Girl", but not to her face. She loves what she does. Me, I hate snakes.

  7. So, this is to blame for the influx of dating websites trying to recruit me through comments on my blog!

    I have the same thoughts about the month of February. This is the month my cabin fever usually get's the worst. I, too, have never heard of herping, and at first thought, thought exactly what you would think.

    Your description of my blog was spot on! Haha Thanks, for the love!

  8. Waffle Taco's, I had a dream about them last night after reading this. Sounds yummy, but I bet it would disagree with my gut. Big flies are fun, but big flies are just big flies without water time and thorough fish testing. Any big flies you see me throw out there have been tested thoroughly before they hit the net. Just some food for thought for all the enthusiastic tyers out there. Give em a beating before you throw em out there. Gives you some street cred. Good to see you writing again, fills just the void I need. Roll on

  9. Ha, I just saw this. Thanks for the shout out I really appreciate that. Honestly. And yes herping is fun, especially when dealing with venomous snakes. What you don't see is snake (bite-proof) boots under those jeans. Safety first :)

  10. So I guess you think you can just let another Wed. roll around and no one will notice this was LAST Wed's post, huh? #caughtya LOL :)