February 16, 2014

The Florida Shad Run

This is the time of year that the shad run on the St. John's River and its tributaries in Northeast & North Central Florida.

They're supposed to be a ton of fun on medium to light tackle.  I won't be chasing shad today, rather I have a day of chores ahead, like cleaning the BBQ grill and running errands, but we both can go virtually, through the lens of Captain Rich Santos, a Jacksonville area guide.

(This video is actually from 2013, but what's not to like about cows, fan boats, and fish?)


  1. I sent you the picture of the Shad flies that work out here. Might be helpful.

  2. Shad are a blast and they fight hard for their size. Clousers usually work. size 4-2. I've had the best luck with chart/pink or chart/white, sometimes white and orange works well. I'll be interested in hearing what works the best for you.

  3. You should try catching them on a tenkara rod. I have caught their cousins, alewives, on a username with size 12 killer bugs. They are good fighters that can put on nice areial displays.

  4. I must insist you go do this and take lots of video. :)