February 8, 2014

No Rest For The Weary

For all of my loyal (and imbalanced) readers, I apologize for the silence that the last two weeks have brought.  Sure, I could have mailed in some really lame posts (like this one), but I figured silence was probably a better option.

My day (and many times night) job revolves around sporting goods internet retail.  As such, the past two weeks were by far the busiest of the year, amplified by travel, and arguably more stressful and time consuming than any Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whatever holiday-based Adjective / Day of the Week combo you want to throw out there.  

I think it was only 174 to 0 at this point...

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not seeking sympathy.  I don't deserve any.  I have a unique occupation that many would enjoy.  I'm simply informing the masses as to why it was pretty quiet around here.  It's not that there wasn't the desire, it was that the closest I got to fishing was walking past the NYC Orvis store on 5th Avenue after hours on Saturday. 

19 hours of travel on Monday...

But with that in the rear view, it's time to have some fun again.  It's time to gather inspiration and turn it into adventure (& blog posts!)  I'm looking forward to the promise and new challenges that the upcoming Spring represents.  I can't wait.  

Oh, but while it's still cold...go USA!


  1. Enjoy life while you can, Mike. You could be a Bronco fan!

  2. Enjoy life while you can, Mike. You could be a Redskins fan.

  3. Eh, as an Eagles fan, at least you guys have Super Bowl wins.

  4. I would not worry about the silence, things happen and sometimes you just can't. I was reminded this morning that my blog used to be a good read now it is all copy and paste so I'm told but it is all I can manage right now. So no worries my friend I at least understand.