January 12, 2014

Upgrading Your Fishing Wardrobe

This isn't a revelation at all, but there a lot of companies that are making fishing-inspired clothing...be it with graphics or design.  I've accumulated quite a bit of it over the years, especially hats & shirts.  I have a few favorites...perhaps one or two that might even be "lucky"...but most of the time I go fishing I just toss on whatever is on the top of my t-shirt or hat pile.  However with the new year here, I figured it might be worth calling out a few of these product lines in case you wanted to upgrade your wardrobe.

Sea Level Fishing Apparel

Sea Level Fishing Apparel

I recently picked up the Roller mesh back cap and a few t-shirts.  I felt like I needed to get a few more "salty" tees if you know what I mean.  While nothing groundbreaking from a technical standpoint (they are mostly basic cotton tees), the understated fish designs are really quite nice.  They don't SCREAM, "look at me, I'm a fisherman."

Eat My Fly Outfitters

Eat My Fly Outfitters Fishing Apparel

Matt from EMF has been making the rounds lately, and you may have already seen some of his product on other bloggers' websites as well as in social media.  He's done a great job getting his name out, especially on Instagram, by catching LOTS of fish.  I like the graphic a lot...and for the cold-weather fishermen out there, he sells beanies too...

Wicked Catch Gear

Wicked Catch Fishing Apparel

I'll be honest, these guys kind of spammed the comments of my Salt Life post, but I really like their graphics and they are reasonably priced, so I figured I'd include them.  These are performance tees, which I've found are a "must" for summertime fishing in the South.  However since they are polyester, they might not be for everyone...especially those with excessive man boobs.  Yeah, I said it.  However keep an eye on these guys, I think you'll be seeing more from them in the future.

The Sebatake Kun Shirt from Tenkara USA

Tenkara Mr Yuzo Sebata Sebatake Kun T-Shirt

I had to throw a tenkara shirt in here.  This is the latest offering from Tenkara USA.  It features a cartoon character of one of the longest-practicing tenkara anglers in Japan, Mr. Yuzo Sebata. According to the Tenkara USA website, Mr. Sebata is fond of both fishing and foraging for mushrooms, hence Sebatake Kun essentially translates to Sebata, Wizard of Mushrooms. I just dig the hat & loincloth.

Blogger Tees

A lot of  blogs have decided for some reason that it would be a great idea to put out clothing and accessories.  I try to support my fellow bloggers in picking up a hat or tee should they make the leap.  Whether it's the ubiquitous TFM tees, to the T! Shirts sold here (I'm down to two 2XLs left BTW), to the well designed Arizona Wanderings tees, or even some tees-to-come like this one from Dub The Thorax, it's a great way to show your fondness for fishing.


  1. I'll stick with my camp,and boonies hat from my military time. Except may have to switch hats due to new video camera