January 7, 2014

Tenkara Tuesday - Tenkara Theater

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

Fishing videos are great.  They pluck you from the comfy chair you're sitting in and transport you to the water or vise in an instant.  While there's no substitute for getting outside and actually fishing, these videos may be what's needed to scratch your tenkara fishing itch on what's shaping up to be a record cold day across much of the country.

Please enjoy...

Tenkara Winter, by Kyle Kosovich

Watch for the jumping trout at approximately 1:15

KEBARI, by The Silent Pursuit

This one's got a lot of play already, but as a member of the T! Pro Staff, Steven Smith gets the nod



Are you a tenkara angler? Do you have a story, pictures, video, fly recipe, or simply a fishing report from one of your recent tenkara adventures? If so, I'd really enjoy hearing from you for an upcoming Tenkara Tuesday post! Feel free to send an email HERE, I'd love to publish your original contribution.

1 comment:

  1. "Tenkara Winter" made me a bit jealous as I live in an area where all creeks, streams and rivers are swollen, but it's a nice video by the way!