Exploring Florida - Trout Creek in Orangedale, FL

Kayak itch.  It's not exactly like jock itch, but it does burn.  After having the kayak stowed in the garage for far too long, it simply needed to get wet.

Last weekend wasn't the perfect opportunity, but it was a least AN opportunity.  Looking out the window in the morning and seeing bright blue skies just called to muscle the yak on top of the SUV and go seek out some water.

Trout Creek Park Boat Launch St. Augustine, FL

I decided to paddle around and scout potential fishing spots on Trout Creek in Orangedale, FL (a feeder to the St. John's River), about 15 or so minutes south from my house.  There are some nicely maintained boat launches there with ample parking, so it seemed like a no brainer as the ideal spot to sneak in a quick paddle.

Trout Creek Orangedale St. Augustine, FL

Trout Creek Orangedale St. Augustine, FL

Unfortunately, the nice weather didn't last.  After about 45 minutes of paddling, the clouds hid the sun for good and the darkness in the distance warned of impending rain.  Fortune was on my side, being able to turn around and get back to the ramp (and all loaded up) before the downpour began.

Trout Creek Orangedale St. Augustine, FL

It would of course stop raining by the time I returned home.  Florida is temperamental like that.  Regardless, it wasn't warm enough to stay out in the rain in wet clothes.  No big deal in the end.  Scouting run for summertime bass and bream was complete.  Itch scratched.

Native Watersports Slayer 12 Trout Creek Park Boat Launch St. Augustine, FL


  1. Time to invest in a rain jacket. I hear Florida gets pretty wet.

  2. Why do I keep thinking that I am going to see an alligator picture someday... lol. Glad you are paddling safely. = )

  3. Nice looking area for a paddle, Mike. Have to hand it too you for your nerve to do the paddling thing. Some of those areas look pretty fishy too me!


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