January 25, 2014

Continued Innovation From Tenkara USA

A while back I gave a sneak peek at the new Rhodo & Sato rods from Tenkara USA.  Many other bloggers have also reviewed these rods since, pointing toward standout features such as the "triple zoom" capability and the "Keep your Plug™" system, but nobody really mentioned one of the most notable improvements these rods bring to the table...

Tenkara USA Ayu II

Tenkara USA Ito

Tenkara USA Iwana

The NEW Tenkara USA Sato

The absence of the electrocution sticker!  

Gradual improvment comes in many forms.  Unfortunately so do lawsuits.  But I don't see any Ugly Stiks with shock stickers either.

Just make sure you're waving your new tenkara rod at fish and not thunderclouds; okay?

Good, now go get 'em.


  1. LOL. Good one Mike. I've always thought those stickers were unnecessary and kind of a pain to remove.

  2. I always try not to stand in the river waving a stick in a thunder storm. Although I'm sure there are those who do. Then again they warn against using hair curlers and blow driers in the bath tub. Ya just don't know.