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Daft Punk Unmasked; A Crappy T! Grammys Recap

Daft Punk won a lot of Grammys last night.  Or at least they won the important ones.  Keeping in robotic character, they never removed their helmets, nor actually made acceptance speeches.

While I personally thought the entire broadcast was pretty much a disconnected train wreck, at least it was a difficult one to turn away from.  Most of the acts were a mix of simultaneous good and bad with Paul & Ringo reuniting to not perform a Beatles song (FAIL), Metallica rocking out with a Chinese pianist (something we've all been crying for), and Stevie "Jammin on the One" Wonder's first relevant appearance since the Cosby Show in 1986.  Oh hey, look up in the sky...there's P!nk!

BTW, I'm sort of smitten with the country chick they threw up on stage immediately after the whole Kendrick Lamar / Imagine Dragons laser light show, paintball spectacular, white suit fest.  You know, the one in the short skirt made of curtains, wearing Christmas-lit cowboy boots. Sorry L…

Exploring Florida - Trout Creek in Orangedale, FL

Kayak itch.  It's not exactly like jock itch, but it does burn.  After having the kayak stowed in the garage for far too long, it simply needed to get wet.

Last weekend wasn't the perfect opportunity, but it was a least AN opportunity.  Looking out the window in the morning and seeing bright blue skies just called to muscle the yak on top of the SUV and go seek out some water.

I decided to paddle around and scout potential fishing spots on Trout Creek in Orangedale, FL (a feeder to the St. John's River), about 15 or so minutes south from my house.  There are some nicely maintained boat launches there with ample parking, so it seemed like a no brainer as the ideal spot to sneak in a quick paddle.

Unfortunately, the nice weather didn't last.  After about 45 minutes of paddling, the clouds hid the sun for good and the darkness in the distance warned of impending rain.  Fortune was on my side, being able to turn around and get back to the ramp (and all loaded up) before th…

Continued Innovation From Tenkara USA

A while back I gave a sneak peek at the new Rhodo & Sato rods from Tenkara USA.  Many other bloggers have also reviewed these rods since, pointing toward standout features such as the "triple zoom" capability and the "Keep your Plug™" system, but nobody really mentioned one of the most notable improvements these rods bring to the table...

The absence of the electrocution sticker!  
Gradual improvment comes in many forms.  Unfortunately so do lawsuits.  But I don't see any Ugly Stiks with shock stickers either.

Just make sure you're waving your new tenkara rod at fish and not thunderclouds; okay?

Good, now go get 'em.

The Future Is Upon Us...And It's In 3D!

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few years, you've probably heard of 3D printing.  It's evidently the wave of the future that is going to revolutionize how we obtain/purchase items.  But for those of you in the dark, 3D printing allows you to basically "print" a solid object using a special machine that layers plastic (or other material) on top of itself, slowly but surely recreating that shape directly from computer-aided digital designs.

So like if your kid just watched Finding Nemo on TV and wants a toy turtle just like Crush but you're nowhere near a toy just download the design and print.  Bam, toy turtle.
(Okay, not exactly "bam" printing stuff can be sloooow).

Now while there has been quite a bit of controversy about 3D some people have created plans to make fully functioning 3D plastic guns...just think of the applications for fishing!

Well Michael Hackney, aka the Eclectic Angler has, and has printed…

Gear Review - The RIBZ Front Pack

I've reviewed a lot of fishing bags and packs on this blog over the years.  There are a lot of companies doing interesting things with bags and applying them to the fishing market.  The folks at RIBZ are no exception, with their very unique & multi-functional Front Pack.  When offered the opportunity to test this pack as a fishing solution, how could I refuse?

So, what exactly is a RIBZ Front Pack?  Well, it's a little difficult to explain, but it's basically a four compartment pack that you wear on your body somewhat like a vest.  It's laid out so the 2 large main compartments fit conveniently on...where else...but your ribs.  The pack is held secure to your body by two harness straps that cross in the middle of your back, and a very beefy zipper seals the deal up the front.

From the RIBZ website:
"A front pack is a pack or bag that allows for access of equipment from the persons chest. Front packs first and foremost allow for easy access of gear without the …

Chattooga Angler by Joel DeJong

I didn't feel compelled to write a post last night, but after I saw this today...I changed my mind.

+Joel Dfrom Another Year On The Fly does great work.  I have some prints of watercolors of trout painted by him in my home.  They always get compliments from visitors.

His latest, a "quick study" called the Chattooga Angler, is pretty impressive, especially considering he claims to be under the weather.

Feel better Joel.

This Weekend Fish Will Be Caught (Maybe)

It's undeniable, with the exception of my "New Year's Fish" I've been in a fishing rut so far in 2014.

I've been out a handful of times, but with really nothing to show for it.  I'm not used to getting skunked, especially when there's easy pickins like bluegill to be had.  Sigh...

Now you don't read this blog to listen to me complain about my fish-world problems.  So forgetting the negative of recent events, my thoughts have turned toward getting the kayak wet again.  It's been on a bit of a winter hiatus, but I think it's going to be go time soon.  Being a relative rookie in terms of kayak fishing, I'm not sure what weather is appropriate or not, but I figure if it's over 50 degrees out, game on.  Please correct me in the comments below if I'm wrong.  Redfish, sea trout, heck even bass, I need to at least attempt get a fix that the convenient jaunts to the neighborhood ponds just aren't providing.

Last weekend I scouted a …

Upgrading Your Fishing Wardrobe

This isn't a revelation at all, but there a lot of companies that are making fishing-inspired it with graphics or design.  I've accumulated quite a bit of it over the years, especially hats & shirts.  I have a few favorites...perhaps one or two that might even be "lucky"...but most of the time I go fishing I just toss on whatever is on the top of my t-shirt or hat pile.  However with the new year here, I figured it might be worth calling out a few of these product lines in case you wanted to upgrade your wardrobe.

Sea Level Fishing Apparel

I recently picked up the Roller mesh back cap and a few t-shirts.  I felt like I needed to get a few more "salty" tees if you know what I mean.  While nothing groundbreaking from a technical standpoint (they are mostly basic cotton tees), the understated fish designs are really quite nice.  They don't SCREAM, "look at me, I'm a fisherman."

Eat My Fly Outfitters

Matt from EMF has been maki…

Squatchin' Hits Home...

Oh my...there's evidently a Jacksonville, FL area Bigfoot hunter (that isn't me)...

"A Mandarin [FL] man appears on a Bigfoot hunting reality show that premieres Friday evening.  David Lauer appears on “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty,” which is on the Spike network at 10 p.m.  The show pits two-man teams against one another in a search for irrefutable proof that Bigfoot or some similar creature exists."
So should I tell him about the Tenkara Sasquatch in St. John's County?


Tenkara Tuesday - Tenkara Theater

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

Fishing videos are great.  They pluck you from the comfy chair you're sitting in and transport you to the water or vise in an instant.  While there's no substitute for getting outside and actually fishing, these videos may be what's needed to scratch your tenkara fishing itch on what's shaping up to be a record cold day across much of the country.

Please enjoy...

Tenkara Winter, by Kyle Kosovich

Watch for the jumping trout at approximately 1:15

KEBARI, by The Silent Pursuit

This one's got a lot of play already, but as a member of the T! Pro Staff, Steven Smith gets the nod



Are you a tenkara angler? Do you have a story, pictures, video, fly recipe, or simply a fishing report from one of your recent tenkara adventures? If so, I'd really enjoy hearing from you for an upcoming Tenkara Tuesday post! Feel free to send an email HERE, I'd love t…

An Incredibly Stupid Blog Game To Play

**Note, this blog post has little (if anything) to do with fishing.  Proceed with caution.**

I noticed last night that the "Next Blog>>" link reappeared up in the Nav Bar at the top of my blog.  If you don't know what I mean, this is what I'm talking about:

It used to be there, but for some reason disappeared not too long ago.  Anyway, it's back, which really isn't a big deal except for the fact that if so inclined, one can play a stupid game with it.
Here are the rules:
Basically click the Next Blog button, and once the next blog pops up, click it again.  Repeat this until you've done it 7 times.  It's kind of like Blogger Russian Roulette.
First off, if you can actually make it more than 2 or 3 in a row without hitting a "dead" blog, you're lucky.  There's a wasteland of abandoned blogs out there (like THIS one) that make this simple task difficult to perform.  But if you're successful, you'll notice that the first fe…

Warm Up Your Day With A Dose of Arabian Perms

Big saltwater fish.  Snoop.  Oh my.

Even the fish in this screengrab is like DAYUM!!!

Nice job Ray Montoya.

Thursday Is The New Monday

At least this week it is.  Are you back at work today too?  At least it makes for only 2 days until Saturday, so cheers to that!

Snuck out in the downpour that was New Years Day yesterday to try and catch my first fish on the first day of the new year.  It's something I've tried to do since 2010, being successful each time with the exception of 2012.  Luckily, the fates were with me and brought a bass and bluegill to hand before the rain made it through my layers of outerwear and I started getting too soggy.

Here are a few pictures...enjoy the short work week.

Happy New Year!

May everybody's 2014 be rich with family, friends, fun, and (of course) fish!