Wednesday Weather Forecast

Not to rub it in, but these December temperatures are why people evidently live in this God forsaken Hades on Earth otherwise known as Florida.

Screen shot of bi-polar NBC12 / ABC25's First Coast News.
Yes, two networks share the same news broadcast down here...go figure...

You have to love a weather forecast that calls for a Friday/Saturday combination of "Partly Cloudy with a chance of Fish & Tennis."  I don't recall ever seeing a weather forecast predict "FISH" back in Philadelphia...although I never watched the weather for the temperatures.  First Coast News obviously doesn't know I live here would probably say "SKUNK"...

(Acutally, this post is for my Mom, who's coming down to visit for the first time on Sunday for Christmas week.  Bring your flip flops...oh, and I guess umbrella.)


  1. And fishing pole. Don't forget to tell her to bring her fishing pole!

  2. Geez, shorts weather in Dec. It's going to be 75 here in Raleigh. I'm not complaining.

  3. See. All that complaining about the heat and humidity and skeeters. I told you - you'd love the mild winters. You can yard sale that snow shovel, buddy. :)

  4. This isn't about the weather - I just wanted to make sure you saw me expose your secret:

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. All well and good - until mid July. At that point, I'll take Minnesota in a Minute (should write a song with that title.)
    I lived in Florida for years, dubbing it the "HUMBUG State": HUMidity and BUGs!

    I'd move back tomorrow for the fishing, and good Cuban food. Outside of that, well uh... not so much.

  7. Don't believe I've ever seen a weather report with fish and tennis on it. I'd have one with rain though.

  8. If you love warm water fly fishing, and I do, then you could fish year round for big Bluegills and Bass. If you are a Troutrageous fanatic on the other hand, go north, find trout, quickly!

  9. Going to be 9 here on Christmas Eve. Six on Friday. You'd think after 57 years of hating winter I'd give up on this Godforsaken state. I have no clue why anyone would complain about bugs or humidity. I can't feel my fingers...


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