December 26, 2013

Taking the Kid & Grandmom Fishing

I had to get the kid out of the house on Christmas Eve.  It was an absolute necessity after learning from a pretty reliable source that Santa was going to bring her an Xbox complete with Disney Infinity & Minecraft games the following day.  Once those packages were unwrapped, she'd be lost to me at least until the weekend.  I hate to admit it, but my kid is a gamer.

First step was re-stickering her Disney Princess tackle box.
She ain't into Cinderella anymore, Vedavoo & Dub The Thorax are now all the rage.

With that, I took Lilly and my Mom, who is visiting for Christmas week, out for about an hour of fishing on the 24th.  I wish I could say I played hero and we caught a ton of fish, but we didn't.  We spent the majority of the day re-learning how to cast, fighting the wind, untangling lines, and baiting hooks, but even without a giant bass on the line, the end goal was definitely achieved.  The kid saw sunlight...and actually seemed like she enjoyed it.  Maybe there's still hope to make her some sort of fisherperson someday...we'll see...

Here are a few pictures.  Nothing "epic," other than her smile.

She really enjoyed catching me in the fishing net...


  1. I completely know what you mean. My son Tyler got an xbox with minecraft and we didn't hear a peep out of him until he complained he had to turn it off to eat dinner. Your not alone.

  2. Michael, Lilly is just a normal kid it seems. As you know, cherish any moments that you can get her into the outdoors and bless all the fun you have with her before she is gobbled up by the X-Box Monster!