December 21, 2013

Super Bass

Nothing brings more joy than a good blog post cop out by embedding somebody else's video instead of really writing anything of substance.  Works for Moldy Chum.

That said, here are 5 reasons why you should watch this video.

1) Fishing from a kayak
2) Creedence
3) Beer**
4) Catches small fish and not ashamed of it
5) Creedence

**This blog does not endorse drinking & paddling.  Keep safe while fly fishing and leave the paddle at home...


  1. Can't go wrong with CCR, but a bass plug on a fly rod???

    1. Ha! I did a double take myself the first time I watched this...looks like he brought a fly rod & a spinning rod on his little kayak outing. Multi-tasking, I like it!

    2. Watched it again and this time I caught the bass plug on the spinning rod.

  2. I am as Creedence as Creedence can get! However, I also saw the bass plug on the fly rod! Gee whiz, what is up with that? How come I had not thought of that by now!

  3. At least you posted, I firmly believe that it is better to post than not to post.